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  1. Thanks, when the command line switch did not work, I googled that same answer which does work. The unfortunate news is the GE puts a cache file in your user account that is 131 MB in size. It can be deleted manually or with something like Ccleaner. When you reload GE, the 131 MB comes right back. I do not want to move my user account if that is possible and I cannot find a way to move the GE cache If I could put it on a different drive, I would just leave it. Anyway deleting it works for me now.
  2. Thanks, I did not know that trick. I may have to try it on Google Earth.
  3. After downloading version 6 and uninstalling version 5, I find that I cannot install to my old path on another partition. Most other software lets you choose where you want the product installed. I choose to have as many of my apps as possible to be installed on another partition separate form the OS. This makes a lot of maintenance tasks easier. I am very disappointed that this is not allowed and have chosen to uninstall the software. Hopefully I can reinstall it at a future date when this is corrected.
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