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  1. A spammer/scammer Tried to start a Personal conversation with me, and give me Big Buck$ (NOT!)!- I did Not open/view/delete the message! What do I do about this?
  2. Thanks!- Got EEK working OK!- Deleted EEK Folder/reboot Ran CCleaner, and deleted Registry leftovers/reboot Installed EEK, and left the desktop shortcut icon this time Reboot/Update (3), until EEK was fully updated Clean C:/E: scan with AV temp disabled (F: has all my Macrium Image backups, and takes Forever...)
  3. Win7-32bit Today EEK installed OK in C:/EEK, and I afterwards mistakenly deleted the desktop icon. Now when I try to manually start a2emergencykit.exe from EEK's Run folder/& Update- it wants to Re-download the entire 156k...! It also seems that I had EEK leftovers..., from a couple of years ago. I'd like to completely uninstall... it, start over..., but I can't find an uninstaller... for it anywhere? What to do?
  4. You are correct about the NOD detections coming from Cnet small download activators... They must be whitelisted by EAM, as .zip is ticked (with No smart extensions filter)? I had another similar small activator... for Adobe Acrobat, and EAM detected it as Riskware.
  5. FYI- I followed this CRDF independent AV testing link (from another Topic...), and it only showed average/lifetime AV detections?- https://threatcenter.crdf.fr/?Stats So I donated to see what current detection rates are updated daily (available to Registered members Only)?- As you see v6 EAM with 2nd Ikarus engine is in 17th place with Only 17% detection! Whereas Bitdefender is in 4th place with 41%! Good change to Bitdefender as 2nd EAM v7 engine! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now it got interesting to me!?- I see that NOD32 is in 2nd place, so I ran their free Slow Full (all options, but remove) online scan (IE only!)? OMG!- The NOD scan didn't detect anything on my C: drive, but did find some in my F: Macrium Reflect image .zip backups (NOD unzips all)! I stopped scanning at 45min, so I don't know if there are more infected image backus? EAM Full scans skip the Macrium .zip backups, and I couldn't find an option to also scan .zip? Q?- Is there some way to get EAM to scan .zip?
  6. Update: I ran my battery of Reg/file cleaners..., and subsequent Dr.Mercolas video clips are working OK!
  7. I upgraded to v7 today, and later ran a Full negative Scan (all files). I clicked on a video topic in #1Dr. Mercolas Natural Health newsletter, and as soon as the new tab opened I got a "Unable to Access your File System" (worked OK in v6). FireFox v14- 1.0, Windows up to date. http://articles.merc...06_DNL_artNew_1 (you probably have to no-spam register, and allow their cookies- to view.../Excellent free Natural Health Newsletter). Q?- How do I go back to v6 (Shuda made an image backup first!)?- I'll wait until I hear if you need more info...?
  8. Re?: If you don't mind EAM holding all signatures in RAM you can disable this memory optimization in the settings (Configuration/General). Q1?- Does this mean that EAM V6 Is or Is not holding all signatures in RAM with default settings? Q2?- If the answer= Is not- How much RAM would the 7.4million... signatures use (I'm W7 32bit- 4gigs of RAM, and 2.61gigs Physical available)? Q2a?- What would the Performance increase"s" be...?
  9. I made the mistake of purchasing all three licenses at once! All three have the same key code, were activated at different times, and Very difficult to figure out which key is for what computer/expire status...! The next time I'll purchase separately!
  10. From another Topic?- Re: " The IKARUS engine is rebuilding it's signature database..."?- Q1?- Would it be better to wait a few min for IKARUS to rebuild, before a reboot? Q2?- If so, and the update is just a few thousand signatures, and Not a Major... Update (I monitor how long the toolbar icon spins...)- How long should I wait before a reboot? Q3?- How long should I wait for a Major update?
  11. Thank you for the Detailed Reply!- I'll enable AC, and see if my daily scan times improve ("over an extended period of time..."?)? Q?- How long an extended period of time, and if # of scans dependent?- How Many scans?
  12. I was curious?- http://www.virustotal.com gives nirsoft.net, a url scan of 1/28?-
  13. Advanced Caching somehow remembers which files... have been scaned, and doesn't scan them again.... ~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have some concerns about the Safety of using AC!?- Q1- What kind of files does AC remember? Q2- Does AC just remember file names... for no re-scan, or does it re-scan All files that have changed...? Q3- If a new Virus Definition gets downloaded, for a file that had previously been infected- How will it ever find the virus, if AC says it doesn't get scanned again? Q4- I do notice that there is alott of HD clicking for a few min., immediately after a Definition Update. Does a DU trigger some kind of Full Silent scan?- If so, what kind of scan is it, and what files get scanned?
  14. Are you using the Latest New emsiclean?From another post by Christian Peters (I'd still Run as Admin, in Safe Mode!?)- Posted Yesterday, 11:40 AM Hello, please download our new cleaning utility from: https://dl.emsisoft.com/Emsiclean.zip to your desktop. Next run the EmsiClean.exe file on your desktop. Confirm the disclaimer. Then press "Close Emsisoft Clean". On your desktop there is a logfile "EmsiClean_Date_Time" created. Attach this file to the posting please (button "More Reply Options" right below). ~~~~~~ Followup- Posted Yesterday, 12:15 PM Hello, Please run EmsiClean again and tick on all entries. Then press "Remove Selected Objects". If they was removed reboot computer. Now please run the new setup file for version Emsisoft Anti-Malware again. You can download the newest setup file from https://www.emsisoft.com/en/software/antimalware/download/ . If you have any more questions or problems, just let us know. Like This Christian Peters [support] Emsisoft Team - www.emsisoft.com
  15. Did you try running emsiclean in safe mode, and Right click on the .exe & Run as Administrator (Has more privilages than Sys. Admin.- I do this with All cleaners...)? I try to remember to empty Quarantine/reboot, Before uninstalling Any AV.
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