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  1. Scheduled Scans

  2. Scheduled Scans

    Hi. If we enable scheduled scans what type of scan will be performed? Quick/Smart/Full? And how can we change that? Thanks.
  3. need help regarding p2p configuration

    Here's what I use for Utorrent
  4. Export Rules

    right you are! thanks thanks GT500 as well
  5. Export Rules

    just found out it's a paid version option what a bummer
  6. Export Rules

    Hi I'm using OA free I tweaked some FW rules like the browser, mail client... If I need to install the product again how do I export/import rules? Thanks
  7. Firewall pop-ups

    hum... I see. So OA (FW) will read from OA's (Programs) list... is that it?
  8. Firewall pop-ups

    Yes, but only a handful because I disabled the HIPS 5 minutes after installing OA. Could this be related to the HIPS being deactivated?
  9. Firewall pop-ups

    Hello. Yesterday I installed OA free after a long time with Windows own FW. After reboot I deactivated the HIPS and rebooted again. From then on OA asks me for every single app that needs connection: the browser, the media player, Ccleaner, even Windows processes. I have "Automatically allow trusted programs to access the internet" checked. I had to go into Learning Mode to reduce the alerts. Is this by design or am I missing something? Thanks.
  10. Utorrent Rules

    Thanks again. I'll post back in case of need.
  11. Utorrent Rules

    Thanks for the answer GT500. So, you mean that OA will choose the right settings without the need for user intervention? Will a tweak to rules be redundant?
  12. Utorrent Rules

    Hello. Could someone provide a tutorial for Utorrent rules? I'm thinking about a granular configuration like TCP/UDP, In or Out, which ports, what to be blocked... Thanks.
  13. Emsisoft Online Armor Firewall released

    Thanks Fabian.
  14. Emsisoft Online Armor Firewall released

    Hello. Could someone elaborate on the Cloud features of the new OA? Are only Programs/Installers scanned; or does it work more like an AV cloud, scanning all files while browsing? Regards.