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  1. I just read a rather disturbing news online over at "websense" regarding a new malware: http://community.websense.com/blogs/securitylabs/archive/2015/01/29/new-f0xy-malware-employs-cunning-stealth-amp-trickery.aspx according to the study its a new malware and currently only 5 Av detects it: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/c85940369a8028803460baf600203c435179611769a9850a2aef7fb45d2c86d7/analysis/1422103870/ and emsisoft is not one of them. as a consumer i would realy like this to be detected by this fantastic AV. Thanks
  2. thank you for your response, excluding chrome did the trick. im also using the chrome x64 version, forgot to mention on on my first post.
  3. i will follow your suggestion and will post the result. but my other question remains, why EAM doesnt protect other browsers the same way? i.e. why this doesnt happen to firefox. in other words why EAM doesnt protect firefox process the same way?
  4. title says it. ad muncher application became free few days back and i decided to give it a try, i really like it and how it effects all my applications and i dont have to install seperate addon/extensions and configure each individually. though it doesnt work with chrome because of EAM. gives an error that it cannot hook into the process. shutting down EAM didnt solve it but safe mode with networking was a go. uninstalled EAM and rebooted and voila ! before i uninstalled EAM i also tried adding ad muncher process's to behavior blocker and allowed all operations. anyone knows how to make
  5. the surf protection keeps popping for dangerous connection from one of my process's and "Always Allow" option doesnt seem to be working. it just keeps on popping the windows unless i close the app. i know windows 10 is just a preview and is not supported but i thought i report it just the same.
  6. since i have already mentioned that pausing protection fixes it then im positive that uninstalling it will have the same effect so the real weird thing is that it doesnt even let me create a rule for the exe file. its like it doesnt even accept that it exists.
  7. product: emsisoft anti-malware OS: windows 8.1 x64 update 1 issue: when try to open hyper-v virtual machine connection it doesnt fully load and freeze. have to force close it. there are no application rules for the program in the product and it cannot be created for it. when i try to add a new application rule and browse to windows/system32 theres no such file as vmconnect.exe but it doesnt exist in file explorer. i also cant type the file path when creating a new rule, for example if i type "C:\Windows\System32\vmconnect.exe" and hit ok nothing happens, window closes and n
  8. after the re-installation and the boot issue i decided to restore a 2 week old backup and updated everything to latest version and no issue so far. even restarted a couple of time and nothing. when i first got the notification from update i didnt restart right away so i think that might have some have screwed the driver update process. anyway its all good now and i can say that KIS and EAM still work together perfectly. thanks
  9. yesterday my EAM updated to ver and then shut down. this morning my laptop was un-bootable, stuck at blue logo with circling dots. just kept on circling. waited few hours but nothing and then force restarted couple of time but no luck. booted into safe-mode and uninstalled EAM. booted back up normally and installed EAM again and all seems good not. just wanted to inform the dev team about it. OS: windows 8 x64 -side note: download the installed from website which said but when installed it shows the ver as! dunno why... UPDATE: another restart and windows is ag
  10. thats exactly what i have set. could it be that there's something wrong with my Task Scheduler service? does the feature use this service?
  11. i have set EAm to update every hour beginning 8AM till 10PM but still i get notifications that the program has been updated after 10PM even at 1 AM.
  12. installed OA free few hours ago to give a spin but firefox is so slow i cant stand it. its not running under runsafer. im using Emsisoft Anti-Malware no other AV/Anti Spyware/Trojan/Malware. is this a known issue? didnt see anything in the pinned subect. anyone else experiencing the same thing? Thank You
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