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  1. OOOOOps Sorry. All working fine now. Thanks for your help.
  2. Just tried to reinstall emsisoft and got this message :
  3. Please find attached jpg of image that appeared after starting emsiclean:
  4. I'm having a similar problem and may resort to your method of keep trying to install if there is no other solution. Did you keep uninstalling between tries, or just keep trying a new install over the partial install?
  5. Two screenshots attached as I couldn't expand the box to get it all on one. Hope you can read these!
  6. fixlog attached as requested. Followed further instructions and uninstalled Emsisoft network filter - restarted, tried update, did not work.Fixlog.txt
  7. FRST files attached as requested FRST.txt Addition.txt
  8. The Update log is showing Unidentified Error. As I said, the software was reinstalled a couple of days ago, so unfortunately no way of knowing what it might have shown before. When I try to access Windows Defender from Control Panel I get a message saying 'This App has been turned off and isn't monitoring your computer'. I have tried 'Closing Down Protection' in EIS but I get the same message. I know no other way to switch from EIS to EIndows Defender other than reinstalling EIS. If there is an alternative, can you please tell me. 'Use Proxy' is NOT ticked. Opened a tab and went to update.emsisoft.com, which took me to http://www.emsisoft.com/gr (I am in Greece) It looks like another User is having the same problem. This is the thread: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/17411-not-installing/ This User has been advised to run Emsiclean. Should I try this too?
  9. I tried this but unfortunately it made no difference. Clicking on Update Now just has the dots moving for a couple of seconds then nothing happening. Should I change the SSL settings back again?
  10. I could not open EIS today. Decided to uninstall and reinstall (downloaded from the website today), which took several attempts. The program seems to have reinstalled but it is not working correctly: I can not update it I have input the licence number but it is not showing the 'days to expiry' I tried to switch EIS off and revert to Windows Defender until the problem is sorted, but I can't do this. So I am stuck without any effective realtime malware protection right now and would appreciate some help.
  11. Thank you hjlbx and Fabian for your answers. I have to admit I was seeing the 'Don't alert when updated' box UNTICKED in certain entries and my brain was assuming this meant I WOULD NOT be alerted rather than the opposite, and I had to think it through a couple of times to get it straight in my head . And if I understand correctly, at present, even if EIS rates a program as 'Safe' I will get alerts each time it is updated UNLESS I have checked the 'Don't alert when updated' box myself - but you are looking at ways of changing this to an automatic procedure.
  12. Often when one of my programs updates I get a message from EIS asking me if I want to Update the Rule related to the program. Generally this is not a problem because I am 'manually' updating the program, but I am looking at a piece of software (chocolatey) that can automate this process, in which case I would run a command to update several selected programs at once. I don't want to do this for all my programs, just those that always seem to have an update waiting when I open them. However I can see a problem with this if the IES Update Rule message triggers for some of the programs, as this will stall the process. Is there a way that I can set EIS to ensure this doesn't happen? I have looked in the Application Rules and I am pretty sure that some of the programs that regularly generate this message have 'Don't alert when this file changes' UNticked (though I would need to check this on their next update to be sure). Thank you
  13. Thank you Christian, I am using EIS which I presume is what you mean by 'full version' and File Guard is active, so I guess I can switch off those scans. Do I need to complete anything on the page shown below in order to monitor detections, or do I leave this blank?
  14. Can anyone advise what disk utilisation I should expect to see from EIS, during general usage, updates and scans? While scanning with EIS yesterday I saw the disk utilisation was often at 100% and generally stayed above 90%. The culprit was EIS which was registering at least 10 times as much disk usage as any other program, and sometimes much more than 10 times as much. The screenshot below should illustrate this. This means that there are times during the scan when I can't do anything on the laptop. I've also noticed high disk usage during updating, and sometimes during general running of the program. I'm sure I read somewhere that EIS is supposed to be an unnoticeable process?
  15. That wasn't clear (to me) from the previous comment. Thank you for the clarification Fabian.
  16. The issue was that I did not want to reboot at the exact point EIS prompted me too. I was doing something and to reboot would have meant cancelling things and closing down programs. My concern was that the update should not have closed the firewall when I chose not to immediately update. OR there should have been a clear message stating that the firewall would be disabled until the reboot. The latter is still unacceptable in my opinion as it would force me to take action at an inconvenient time.
  17. I got a message saying that in order to complete my Emsisoft update I needed to restart my computer. I was in the middle of doing something so I declined the immediate restart. Then I found that my firewall was not enabled, and I could not enable this manually. So I was on the internet, with no active firewall, because of this update. Updates of other programs (and of Emsisoft on other occasions) do not require this immediate restart irrespective of whether it is convenient or not. And if it was so vital, the message should have stated that the firewall would become inactive until the restart.
  18. I use Adblock Plus on IE 11 and EIS. I haven't noticed any issues between the 2 (so far )
  19. UPDATE for the information of anyone with a similar problem: I sent the FRST logs as requested, which did not show any issues. I then reinstalled EIS on the laptop that had been experiencing the most issues and monitored it for several days. There were no further freezes, after which I reinstalled EIS on the second laptop. So far, both laptops are performing as expected without any issues. The version of EIS reinstalled was a newer build than the version that had caused the issues, so it is possible that there was a conflict between the original version and Windows. I will continue to monitor the performance of both laptops and EIS. Thank you to Christian Peters and Fabian Wosar from Emsisoft.
  20. Just to check: I can do this even having uninstalled EIS?
  21. We upgraded to EIS at the end of October and installed this on 2 identical laptops. From that time on we began experiencing regular freezes, more on one laptop than the other. Basically we would be doing something (could be anything, several different scenarios were experienced) when everything would suddenly snarl up. We could still use the mouse, but if we were on the internet it was no longer possible to navigate to new pages. If we had a program open it was not possible to close it. We could access Control Panel (via WIn + X) but the options we tried there, such as Event Viewer, were unresponsive. It was impossible to open Task Manager by any method. It was usually impossible to close down the laptop correctly and we had to close using the power button. On one laptop this was happening 2 or 3 times a day, every day. On the other it wasn't always daily, but several times a week. The only common factor was that the laptops had internet access when the freezes occurred. The action where we first noticed the freeze was mostly when the internet was being used, but not always. It also occurred when playing a game that did not use the internet (but the laptop did have a live internet connection at the time of the crash). After tearing our hair out trying to find a solution we decided to uninstall EIS a few days ago. The change has been remarkable - no freezes at all on either laptop plus things seem to be working more quickly (even before upgrading to EIS we had noticed that EAM seemed to use a lot of memory). So we have concluded that EIS was causing our problem. The question is: what now? We don't want to reinstall EIS and return to the unacceptable freeze situation. I'm pretty sure (from a previous browse on the forum) that other people have recorded similar issues. Is there a solution that will allow us to reinstall EIS with confidence?
  22. Thank you for this. Actually the next time I used my laptop I did get the 'new version available' screen shown above. It was a little confusing as I downloaded, uninstalled and reinstalled ok, chose 'I have a licence' then had to clean the computer. The next time I used my laptop I had to go through the same process again. This time, after choosing 'I have a licence' I was asked for a licence code (didn't ask this first time round), which was actually already displayed. I then had to clean computer again to complete the process. Exactly the same thing happened with my second laptop. Quite a longwinded process but all seems ok with both laptops now.
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