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  1. Hi support, I had been using Online Armour some time ago and just recently installed EIS. I had some trouble where EIS firewall was blocking Outlook 2013 from connecting to Exchange. At the end I had to manually edit default application rule for Outlook, then revert to defaults. During this process I realized how lacking the firewall UI actually is. No current connections list, no log filtering/search, no means to create edit advanced/complex fw rules... Now, I understand EIS aims to not scaring unexperienced users but... I had EIS blocking a trusted application while being instructed to allow that same application and not even a log entry was being created for the event!! How about getting some of the old UI power back? That might even be hidden behind some command line parameter or something. Please, allow EIS to cater to everyone, unexperienced or otherwise. Regards
  2. Hi All,Just wanted to post that after a few iterations with tech support I finally got my issue solved. Anyway I opted in for OA++ key exchange to EMS with which I'm fully satisfied. Many thanks and thank you for your patience.
  3. Yes, that'd be because I magically started getting anwers from the support staff Sorry to disagree. Related to my own issue or not, this is not the place to announce such changes to a product like this which you sell on a long term subscription basis. Most customers won't even register to this forum until they actually need support. Even that is not a given. Look, there is an inbuilt news area in OA's UI. There you regularly announce new versions and such with links to your web site. How about an "Important announce to our valued OA++ customers" published there. That could just link to this forum thread. That could also save some grievances over the long term. Thanks, I'm well aware of what CEST time zone is as I live on it for six months a year. Just like you. The thing is that the offset at the support ticket was more than a day and a half... I may have been angry at the time but surely not crazy. would I? Thanks in any case for your patience
  4. Please don't give me that 'calm down' BS. These are not opinions but facts: You (Emsisoft) changed policy over already sold products. You did not give notice about the fact to your customers except for a post at your own obscure forum. You did not even use the announcements functionality inside OA++ itself to get our attention about the fact. I can read pretty well, I assure you it's gonna be better if I don't react to you 'careful read' remmarc. Your announcement didn't say anything about disabling A/V but that is what actually happened . See now why I am mad? Update expiration date for my key is 8th Jun, 2013 00:01 as listed on your own system and inside OA++ itself. It's been three days since I opened my support ticket. Still no reaction whatsoever from Emsisoft. So much for critical bug handling on Emsisoft's part. Now please, try to be nice to me and tell me exactly about which of the above should I calm down. Bear in mind my IQ might be somewhat borderline but, again, please try to be polite and don't make that too much evident on your reply. On the other hand, you could do something more productive. For instance you might pass notice to your support ticked handling colleagues, prompting them to interrupt their siesta ‚Äčand pay some attention to incoming requests. Rest assured I'll become perpetually grateful, not to say fully calmed down. PS: Please, don't start the date game. This forum lists your reply as posted 4:32 hours before my initial post. That's quite a feat, does it?
  5. I just found about this post after noticing A/V feature has completely been removed from my OA++ install by an automatic update. This road-map says nothing about leaving current unsuspecting customers totally unprotected against malware when they paid specifically for that functionality. It talks about stopping further development while providing just signature updates but... The A/V module has actually been removed so OA++ does not even detect the EICAR test virus any longer. I've already opened a support ticket with Emsisoft and expect an acceptable solution from them but I wanted to warn any remaining OA++ users on the forum which might be unaware they are totally unprotected against malware now. PS: No, Emsisoft, posting a note to your own customer care forum is not enough to communicate a fundamental change like this, to a critical piece of software like this, to your paying customers. You have all kinds of contact info from your sale records. You should have contacted me directly regarding development halt, you'd have contacted me again to communicate you were dropping the A/V component altogether. YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE THIS THINGS IN ADVANCE. Instead I had to notice on my own, God knows how much latter, learn from Google about the OA buyout, and complete 3 different registrations with their corresponding email activations just to get a clue. I've been recommending OA for ages. Now what can I say? My security software provider just uninstalled my bought anti virus without notice... Is it me or does that just sound kind of weird?