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  1. Hello!

    No mistakes? This makes me happy!
    I only have MBAM as a scanner on demand!
    No mutual exclusions are configured.
    I can - 1) add to exclusions in EAM, 2) remove this scanner completely!
    I completely removed MBAM, with a lot of traces in the registry, service and drivers! It wasn't easy ...
    However, unfortunately, the problem with the integration persists ...
    Here are the laptop logs without MBAM.


    2020-09-12 21_08_08-Параметры.jpg

    Addition.txt FRST.txt

  2. Hello!

    I don't think the integration issue is related to CPU power.
    I have similar systems, Intel processors.
    Desktop computer - 1 screen. There is practically no problem on it.
    Laptop (screen 2) - here's the problem on it - every day ...
    Indeed, manipulations with disabling the integration, rebooting and re-enabling the integration do not help much ...
    I also want to say that when you enable extended logging in EAM, the problem disappears, EAM is perfectly integrated into the Windows Security Center every time the computer starts!
    Disabling logging leads to another problem with integration!
    That's bad luck, it's impossible to get logs with a problem ...😌





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  3. Hello all!

    I also join this topic!
    Unfortunately, the new, August version did not solve the problem with the integration ...
    What is curious is that I have 2 computers from Hewlett Packard.
    Both - Windows 10 Pro (1909) x64.
    On both, Windows Defender is disabled through the Group Policy Editor.
    So - on one computer - the integration into the Windows Security Center is effective, but on the other - EAM is not integrated into any!
    Windows message - action required!
    That the parameters are managed by my organization (well, that's understandable why).
    I followed the recommendations with disabling the integration, rebooting, enabling, restarting the computer again!
    No effect! In reality, EAM is working absolutely fine, all services and components are running.
    But Windows stubbornly DOES NOT SEE the antivirus!
    These messages from the Security Center every time you start your computer are just annoying!
    Of course, you can ignore this!😉
    However - probably the developers need to do something? And why is there such a different reaction of the Windows Security Center on two completely identical systems with all Windows updates?
  4. Hello!

    This is without any cynicism or grin, Jeremy!
    I am really pleased that the developers heard the users and fixed the problems I described here earlier (with the crash of the program and non-saving of the interface)
    And what else?
    It's enough!
    I have no other problems with the work of EAM😌
  5. Hello!

    I want to add - this small problem with the interface - only on a laptop.
    On a desktop computer there is no such problem!
    Although the operating system, its settings, the list of installed programs are completely identical.
    Of course, I understand that it all depends on the specific configuration of the system — although they are as close as possible to me.
  6. Hello!

    Thank you, I really hope for a fix!

    Another small problem, it appeared at the beginning of the month, when EAM was updated to version 2006 and a2guard.exe crashed:

    the program window sizes I have selected are not saved!

    At the next start of the computer - the window size (UI) is reset to "default".

    This can be seen on the screenshots.

    Of course, this is completely uncritical - but still😏

    This was not the case with version 2005...

    2020-06-09 16_24_42-.jpg

    2020-06-09 16_25_14-Emsisoft Anti-Malware Home.jpg

  7. Done!

    EAM (BB) quarantined the file and there was a pop-up notification about it.
    The crash of the a2guard.exe - did not happen!
    In addition, I tried to view the notification about the extension of the browser - there was a notification, but the crash also did not happen.
    It turns out that the crash with the program - only when notified of the connection of removable device!

    2020-06-09 16_45_17-.png

    2020-06-09 11_54_29-.png

  8. Hello!

    Good question!
    I also thought about this - that ANY notification should crash!
    But I have not had any other notifications yet - after all, notifications about updating databases have been deleted.
    But I will look after this!
    Perhaps a notification about installing a browser extension will work...
    I'll write what will happen!
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