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  1. I use IE11 , Fx 25.01 Chrome 31 But that's not the problem! Now I connected to the server in Switzerland. See, OA CHANGED my IP address to the IP address of the server in Switzerland. But why is it not always happens? This is a bug in the OA or 5 Client CyberGhost VPN?
  2. Hi all! In the monitor OA reflected my external IP address. And when you connect to the server CG VPN whether this change my IP to the server's IP CyberGhost? I ask because when working with the previous version of the Client, OA changed my address on the address of the server CG VPN. But not right now, does not change! As an example - I am connected to the server in Poland. Test sites confirm this. But in the monitor OA - still my true IP address, not the server address in Poland, is This normal? How should it be? Please explain!
  3. Oh, that's.. I thought so, when I wrote that this is not a good idea! Does disabling this option does not reduce the security?! I want to say that I am not at all concerned about the fact that EAM & OA will extend the system to boot! Is it critical? The main thing that my PC is fully protected! Isn't it so?
  4. Sorry, Fabian, I don't understand about this last option...(Protect your PC...) Where ( in EAM settings) does it change?
  5. Dear Fabian! You propose to remove these checkboxes? I understood correctly? But disable File Guard option to "protect the PC even if no user is logged on" - I guess it's not exactly a good idea.
  6. Hello! Of course, the system boot speed depends on its configuration. But the presence in the system of products Emsisoft, of course, slows down the speed! This I learned when doing a reinstallation of the EAM and OA. My system WITHOUT EAM and OA starts in 22 seconds. When I installed EAM - download time was 12 seconds longer! (34 seconds). Then - when installing OA download rate even decreased 14 seconds and was already 49 seconds! Thus, EAM + OA lengthen boot time ( in my particular case, of course!) as much as 26 seconds! But this has to accept for the sake of my own safety! Nothi
  7. Hello! Very thanks. In other words, these findings can be considered as non-dangerous? After all, EAM, MBAM, Hitman Pro does not consider them even suspicious!
  8. Good time of day! I have to say - EAM anything suspicious in the system does not find! I am curious - what discovered AdwCleaner really should be removed? I understand that Systweak, Uniblue & Mail.ru is a PUP. But here are the registry keys associated with IE and 2 files in the profile Fx and Chrome is a need to remove or you can ignore? p.s. Checked the files to VT - they are clean! And as with the registry?
  9. Hi all! It seems the problem is solved? Just interested to know the result!
  10. Yes, this is what I say! I don't know, as reported by the respected pc blue Plugin Container... Therefore recommend noted reliable program! Then there will be these alerts. Actions Keylogger this program has, but they are necessary for normal operation of the Plugin Container and are not malicious. Anyway, I have during the last update Fx OA immediately noted Plugin Container as reliable program (green color in tab) and no alerts on the detective Keylogger does not extradite.
  11. Hi all! Many trusted and reliable software for normal operation, the use registration of keystrokes! After all, it is a known fact! And this is normal! Online Armor doesn't tell exactly because programs trusted! Take them into the unknown - and OA will issue alerts, detect keyloggers! That's why I asked - as marked Plugin Container... I Have no alerts on.
  12. Hi! It is normal, if the program is marked unreliable (unknown) . It is necessary to mark Plugin Container in reliable (allowed)!
  13. Thank You, Arthur. If I understand correctly (sorry my English), CG VPN provides anonymity, but reduces the security? But it can't be... However, it is already, probably, is not included in the scope of the forum Emsisoft...
  14. Thank You. Strong data encryption... Here will help CyberGhost VPN? Because it creates an encrypted tunnel!
  15. Hello! If I understand correctly, OA does not protect against man-in-the-middle-attack! But Zemana Antilogger - protects?
  16. Hello! Thank you very much. All the same, I decided to politely decline the use of DNSCrypt and OpenDNS. All too ephemeral, unreliable, and the reviews on the Internet are not the best, especially in the field of preservation of privacy...
  17. Hello! And still, as experts believe Emsisoft: encryption DNS-traffic (with the help of DNSCrypt) - really defends against attacks from the "Man in the middle"?
  18. All clear. This is done automatically! But not have to translate dnscrypt.proxy.exe and OpenDNSCryptService in trusted?
  19. Thank You! And You have not done any changes to the network settings of the system? In particular-do not enter any addresses of DNS-servers?
  20. Hello! No problem. Thank You! Although,this is a question for me is more than just theoretical. I don't think there is a critical need to use DNS Grypt. But-I may be wrong.
  21. Hello! How do you think, is it possible joint use of the DNS Crypt (Open DNS) and Online Armor? How, from the point of view of developers,justified such a combination? Does it make sense? As OA will respond to the use of the utility of the DNS Crypt? There are such data?
  22. Hello! Thank you very much,Fabian! This is a report (MRG) that I read. It is clear that Emsisoft (EAM+OA) is the best protection!
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