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  1. Hello all!

    I noticed with surprise and could not even understand if this was normal ?!🙄
    After updating the EAM, the message about updating the signatures stopped showing ...
    Why is this done?
    After all, it was so clear to see each database load in real time!
    Tell me why it was removed?

    2020-06-02 12_37_11-Emsisoft Anti-Malware Home.jpg

  2. Hello all!

    I have a general idea about the Isolation of the kernel and the Integrity of the Memory of Windows 10.
    But here's a question for specialists: how should the configuration of the Integrity of the Memory be by default?
    On or off?
    Some authors report that it should be turned off by default in order to avoid various problems (including installing new drivers).
    Others write that in recent versions of Windows this setting is enabled by default.
    But how right? or is it individual for each particular system?
    I also ask because on one system the Integrity of Memory in the Core Isolation is turned on, and on the other it is off! At the same time, both systems (1909) work satisfactorily)
    What should this default setting be?
    p.s. sorry, the screen is in Russian, but I hope everything is clear.
    Probably, this issue is important both for the security of the operating system as a whole, and for the correct installation of Windows updates.



    2020-06-01 17_20_39-.jpg

    2020-06-01 17_13_52-Безопасность Windows.png

  3. Hello!

    Of course, just disabled!
    I specifically disabled them, so that there wouldn’t be autorun checking for browser updates!
    Only by hand!
    Therefore, it is not clear that with the autorun disabled, Google Update still periodically (not always!)Appears in the Windows Task Manager.
    No, I won’t put a tick and turn it on, why not?
    p.s.You know, if experts say nothing dangerous, it should be so - I, of course, will leave it as it is.
    It seems - not everything that happens in the system can be logically explained🙄
  4. Hello!

    Thank! That's exactly what I did!

    I just do not understand - why?

    Today, there is NO process in the Task Manager.

    I did not change anything in the settings. Of course, Chrome is a very wayward browser and does what it wants😄

    In the end, it doesn’t bother me ..
    It's just curious - has anyone else encountered this?
  5. Hi!

    No, updating the browser on both machines works absolutely fine and Chrome browsers are up-to-date!😉
    But here on one computer the described process does not load the system (it appears only when the update check is manually started)
    And on the other, it starts automatically even without the participation of the user (that is, mine)
    This is the problem.
    If this is a problem, of course!😉
    I'm just wondering why this is?
    After all, the configuration and setup of both systems is almost identical!
    Windows 10(1909)x64 Pro
  6. Hello all!

    In the Windows Task Manager is constantly running Google Installer🤥

    I understand that this is a safe application and it is constantly looking for browser updates.

    However - the google update service is in my manual start.

    The task scheduler for this program is also disabled. There is no this program in the startup.

    Why is the process running all the time?🤨

    I understand that you can complete it through the Windows Task Manager - but the next time you start the system - it works again!

    Of course, you can block the file through EAM (BB)😉 - but then the browser will not be able to update to the new version!

    How to be?

    In general - does it need to be stopped?

    I ask because on another machine I do not have this process in constant work)

    2020-05-19 17_32_46-Диспетчер задач.jpg

    2020-05-19 17_52_17-Update.jpg

    2020-05-19 17_55_29-.jpg

  7. Hello all!

    Probably, experts are aware of the new protection of HP - HP Sure Sense.

    The thing is that this pre-installed complex of protection for my new PC prevents me from working!

    EAM is absolutely enough for me.🙂

    Tell me, can EAM work with Sure Sense? And is it necessary? It seems to me better to remove this preinstalled protection?

    Of course, I am very sorry 😌  that the question about the program of another manufacturer is - but what about the average user?

    I did a little work - and I want to completely remove Sure. I need advice: can this be done?

    Unfortunately, HP technical support is interested in leaving this program on my PC ... What should I do?

  8. Hello all!

    A lot of conflicting information about the need to disable the Internet Protocol IPv6 in order to improve computer security.
    Microsoft even publishes recommendations for the correct shutdown.
    But is it necessary for an ordinary user?
    Dear F.Wosar, as early as 6 years ago, speaks of the unnecessary nature of such a shutdown.
    What will experts say today?
  9. Hi!
    It so happened that
    I rarely use an old laptop with Windows 7 to work on the Internet.
    For this, a new one with Windows 10)
    Therefore, installing full protection in real time is not necessary. Enough scanner!
    That is exactly what I wanted. It was simply amazing that it was not possible to install EAM after a complete removal!🙄
    But now everything is OK!
    Unfortunately, the reason is not clear - well, let it be)
    p.s. On Windows 10, EAM works without problems!
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