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  1. Hi! Thanks! Bad...It seems to me that we do not understand each other) I’m talking about this (screen) And can EAM cause a conflict with the tcpip driver?
  2. Hello! Thanks for the answer! But we are not talking about installing updates!😮 This is the computer's normal operation!
  3. Hello all! One common cause of BSoD is a problem with the tcpip system driver. To solve this problem, they recommend resetting the protocol settings, updating the network card driver, checking the integrity of system files. And in last place - the recommendation to disable third-party antivirus, especially on Windows 10. It is reported that some antivirus products tend to conflict with the tcpip.sys driver. Unfortunately, all sources are in Russian) My question is: can EAM cause such a conflict and, as a result, BSoD? p.s. I personally encountered this situation when I just watched a video in a browser on the Internet. I performed all the recommended actions - except, of course, disabling and removing EAM😉
  4. Hello! Thanks. Your answer is clear. But then how do you comment on this? (screen)
  5. Hi! Perhaps my opinion on disabling the service is not entirely true! If her work is completely safe - say so😉
  6. Of course, I’m not a security specialist! Therefore, I ask here on the forum! However, for almost 10 years, my Windows 7 worked specifically with the disabled remote registry service. However, on Windows 10 (1909), I am unable to disable it. Rather, the service starts automatically by default again the next time the computer boots ...
  7. That's right, it's a legitimate Windows service! But she can allow remote control of my registry! from someone else's computer! Is not it? In addition, I assume that many security recommendations (at least Russian-language sources) strongly recommend that you disable this service among some others. The computer at the same time works absolutely fine, I assure you!😉
  8. Hello all! It is recommended that you completely disable the Windows Remote Registry service for security reasons. I manually switch the settings to "Disabled" However, at each next start of the computer, the Remote Registry service returns to its default state again, that is, the start is "Automatic" How to make sure that the service does not translate back into autorun? It’s written in the settings that the service is started by the trigger. How to find and disable this trigger? p.s. Sorry, the text on the screenshots in Russian)
  9. Hi! именно с проверки AdwCleaner все и началось) Самый первый скрин) Честно говоря-это не такая уж проблема! Almost everything I wanted — I heard and took note here! Thank!
  10. Hello! Since I do not use PowerShell, I will disable it.
  11. Hello! That is curious! I checked the laptop program PC Decrapifier. She does not find anything to delete😌
  12. But it’s clear from the whole topic that these settings changes are made by me, the user. These are not standard EAM settings! My English probably doesn’t allow me to fully understand the meaning) Or did I understand correctly?
  13. I agree with you and with Amigo-A, and with GT500! Obviously (I repeat) each user decides what to do.
  14. Hi! I do not quite understand you: Are you against publishing such screenshots? But 2 years ago all these actions are already described in detail!
  15. Hello! Thank you! Do you think it is possible to remove from the settings of the EAM Behavior Blocker what has been proposed and how?
  16. Hello! Ok, I think that each user must decide for himself whether he needs these pre-installed programs in the system or not.😉 Obviously, there are simply no specific recommendations. Thanks.
  17. Hello All! Last year, the issue of Filelles malware was discussed, and disabling Windows PowerShell was recommended as one of the protection methods. Obviously, PowerShell itself is not dangerous. Dangerous scripts that she can use. And as it is today, when Windows 10 is actively coming and using PowerShell, it is obvious that you will ever have to (I read that it can even replace cmd>) - what should you do today, do you need to disable and / or block PowerShell (for example, through settings Emsisoft Behavioral Blocker)?
  18. Hello! On a computer, HP AdAwareCleaner and Hitman Pro find a large number of pre-installed programs (screen) This is understandable - because the computer is made by HP-Company) But the question is - are these pre-installed programs potentially unwanted, spyware (why)? Because they collect information about the user computer? Do you need these programs on your computer? However, for example, HP Support Assistent checks and offers driver and software updates on your computer! So are these applications needed on a PC?☹️ HitmanPro
  19. Hello! That is, you do not recommend AdGuard? Do you think that the included WFP driver will constantly conflict with EAM and AdGuard developers will not be able to solve the compatibility problem? However, the previous version of AdGuard (7.1) works without any problems with the WFP driver turned on. Is it acceptable to work with this version or with a new one, where, possibly, compatibility issues will be fixed? Or is the WFP driver and EAM fundamentally incompatible?
  20. Ah, there you go! So, AdGuard themselves are trying to fix the error and are already testing the beta version with corrections! Thanks for the information! I'll wait for the final release)
  21. Hello all! It's about the AdGuard program. A few days ago, the program was updated to version 7.2. In this version - AdGuardAssistent does not work in any browser! (Edge, IE, Fx, Chrome). This problem is associated (including AdGuard developers) with possible incompatibility with EAM. Is this really so? They recommend disabling the WFP driver. But then there is no filtering in IE and Edge ... I had to install the previous version, 7.1 and work with it. Everything is in order here! What is the problem? Really in incompatibility? When can I wait for corrections and from which manufacturer? Now Windows 10 Pro x64😉
  22. Yes, just your idea turned out to be absolutely true! I am very grateful to you!