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  1. Yes, this is Windows7)

    No, my license key has been transferred to Windows10 (another laptop).

    For some time I worked on an old laptop a little and without EAM!

    Now I want to install it again on Windows7, but the key is NOT MOVABLE.

    I plan to use it only as a scanner so far, without real-time protection. After all, is that possible?

    But the fact is that it doesn’t even reach the introduction of a license key - I can’t install the program at all!

    Yes, I downloaded the installation file through my account, i.e. with registration!

    Ok, now I just did everything according to the instructions - I went into my personal account, where the option -Set protection - chose an alternative bootloader - 64-msi. downloaded it and now try again to install on Windows 7.😉
  2. Hello!

    God, how complicated it is!
    But why so ?!
    I have been using Emsisoft for almost 9 years - I come across this for the first time!
    Jeremy, the problem is on Windows 7x64.
    There are no logs in the system after trying to install - but I'm not sure about this - we must try to install and see again.
    What dear stapp says - I don’t understand at all!🙁
    What kind of "limited user"? and where such settings in the installation file ?!
    Now in my Windows 7 there is no EAM, no folders, files, traces in the registry!
    Even the epp drivers are removed. After all, EmsiClean does not find traces!
    So why, what is the reason that I cannot install EAM in the system?
    Launched EEKit - everything is clean!
  3. Hello!

    Thanks Jeremy!
    However, everything is not so simple ... 😉
    Of course, I tried the MSI installer as well. However, there is a problem!
    The installer reports that there is already a newer version of the program in the system and offers to remove it through the Windows control panel.🙁
    But in the system I do not have EAM on this PC!
    Of course, the screen is in Russian, but I wrote what was reported there.
    I can assume that the installation problem is related to the fact that licensed EAM has been working in this system for several years. Now he is on another computer!
    But why is it impossible to reinstall EAM on this computer?
    At least in the Free version ?!

    2020-05-03 08_35_26-Установщик Windows.jpg

    2020-05-03 08_35_13-Установщик Windows.jpg

  4. Hello!

    I decided to install EAM on a laptop with Windows 7x64. The program worked on it for more than 5 years, now on another laptop, with Windows 10.

    There have never been problems with reinstalling and installing EAM - and suddenly I can not install the program!

    The web installer starts working, but cannot download (installer database load error)

    ... What is the reason?

    I tried it several times today, it does not work. EmsiClean does not find EAM residues in the system. What to do?

    Thanks in advance!🙂

    2020-05-02 19_35_36-Загрузки.jpg

    2020-05-02 19_37_24-No supported product found.jpg

  5. Hi!


    I do not need the actions you have proposed! My computer boots up normally and works without problems! Windows Updates (Tuesday Patches) have been successfully installed!
    BSoD was two days ago, the system rebooted and everything is working fine for today!😉
    How do you explain my question ....
    I saw that the reason is in the driver tcpip.sys.
    I read on the Internet that the cause of the conflict could be an antivirus.
    So I asked if the conflict between EAM and the tcpip driver could cause BSoD?
    Because I seemed to rule out all other possible causes of the crash)

    2020-01-15 13_56_20-Монитор стабильности системы.jpg

    2020-01-13 09_32_54-Сведения о проблеме.jpg

  6. Hello all!

    One common cause of BSoD is a problem with the tcpip system driver.

    To solve this problem, they recommend resetting the protocol settings, updating the network card driver, checking the integrity of system files.

    And in last place - the recommendation to disable third-party antivirus, especially on Windows 10.

    It is reported that some antivirus products tend to conflict with the tcpip.sys driver.

    Unfortunately, all sources are in Russian)

    My question is: can EAM cause such a conflict and, as a result, BSoD?


    p.s. I personally encountered this situation when I just watched a video in a browser on the Internet.

    I performed all the recommended actions - except, of course, disabling and removing EAM😉

  7. That's right, it's a legitimate Windows service!
    But she can allow remote control of my registry! from someone else's computer!
    Is not it?
    In addition, I assume that many security recommendations (at least Russian-language sources) strongly recommend that you disable this service among some others.
    The computer at the same time works absolutely fine, I assure you!😉
  8. Hello all!

    It is recommended that you completely disable the Windows Remote Registry service for security reasons.

    I manually switch the settings to "Disabled"

    However, at each next start of the computer, the Remote Registry service returns to its default state again, that is, the start is "Automatic"

    How to make sure that the service does not translate back into autorun?

    It’s written in the settings that the service is started by the trigger.

    How to find and disable this trigger?

    p.s. Sorry, the text on the screenshots in Russian)



    2019-12-17 20_28_54-Службы.jpg

    2019-12-17 20_29_33-Свойства_ Удаленный реестр (Локальный компьютер).jpg

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