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  1. Hello All!

    Last year, the issue of Filelles malware was discussed, and disabling Windows PowerShell was recommended as one of the protection methods.


    Obviously, PowerShell itself is not dangerous. Dangerous scripts that she can use.
    And as it is today, when Windows 10 is actively coming and using PowerShell, it is obvious that you will ever have to (I read that it can even replace cmd>) - what should you do today, do you need to disable and / or block PowerShell (for example, through settings Emsisoft Behavioral Blocker)?


  2. Hello!

    On a computer, HP AdAwareCleaner and Hitman Pro find a large number of pre-installed programs (screen)

    This is understandable - because the computer is made by HP-Company)

    But the question is - are these pre-installed programs potentially unwanted, spyware (why)?

    Because they collect information about the user computer? Do you need these programs on your computer?

    However, for example, HP Support Assistent checks and offers driver and software updates on your computer!

    So are these applications needed on a PC?☹️

    2019-10-02 22_57_51-Malwarebytes AdwCleaner 7.4.1.jpg

    2019-10-02 23_04_47-HitmanPro 3.8.15 - Build 306 (64-bit).jpg

    HitmanPro scan.zip

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  3. Hello!

    That is, you do not recommend AdGuard?
    Do you think that the included WFP driver will constantly conflict with EAM and AdGuard developers will not be able to solve the compatibility problem?
    However, the previous version of AdGuard (7.1) works without any problems with the WFP driver turned on.
    Is it acceptable to work with this version or with a new one, where, possibly, compatibility issues will be fixed?
    Or is the WFP driver and EAM fundamentally incompatible?
  4. Hello all!

    It's about the AdGuard program. A few days ago, the program was updated to version 7.2.
    In this version - AdGuardAssistent does not work in any browser! (Edge, IE, Fx, Chrome).
    This problem is associated (including AdGuard developers) with possible incompatibility with EAM.
    Is this really so?
    They recommend disabling the WFP driver. But then there is no filtering in IE and Edge ...
    I had to install the previous version, 7.1 and work with it. Everything is in order here!
    What is the problem? Really in incompatibility? When can I wait for corrections and from which manufacturer?
    Now Windows 10 Pro x64😉



    2019-09-20 22_15_00-AdGuard.jpg

  5. Yes, thanks a lot, stapp!

    I already read about the problem with German-speaking authors...However, I did not quite understand what should be done in my particular case ...

    KB 4474419 - the update was installed on August 13,  the day before yesterday,  the day it was released!

    This update is in the system!
    But KB 4490628 - NO, and Windows does not find it when looking for updates!
    Obviously, do I need to download and install KB 4490628 manually?
  6. Hello!

    Of course, this does not apply directly to Emsisoft products - I apologize.

    However, maybe you can find a solution?

    Until that moment, I had no problem installing monthly Windows security updates!

    But here this Tuesday of patches - KB 4512506 is not installed - unkown error 80092004 ..

    If in detail - 11% of the file is downloaded - and the download is interrupted with this error! I tried it several times - it repeats that way ...
    I tried installing using the Offline Installer - not installing either!

    I want to say that the malware removal tool was installed immediately. And another update for the drivers - also installed.
    But here is the monthly fix pack (KB 4512506) - he doesn’t want to!
    What could be the problem? I read on the Internet that many have such a problem! Maybe more experienced users have some suggestions?

    Windows 7x 64 Pro



  7. Hello!

    Does this mean that EAM still has its own rules in web protection?

    Web protection not transferred completely to the Emsisoft Browser Security extension?
    I understood everything about the special list hiding, but I wanted to make sure that not only the extension and the rules added by the user now define web protection!:huh:


  8. Ok, thanks!

    Yes, about passwords is too much)
    So, all possible dangers are connected not with the applications themselves, but with advertising modules that can be installed without my knowledge?
    It is reported that these programs collect information about the IP-address, technical and route information about the computer, search history.
    But I understand you. Actually, these video downloaders (by themselves) are not dangerous.
    Of course, obtained from the official site.
  9. Hello!

    Well-known video downloader SaveFrom.Net Helper installs Tampermonkey, a script manager in your browser.

    Both of these programs are considered potentially unwanted!

    It is reported that the extension can (except for silent installation of additional applications) also send user data with possible stealing of passwords, bank data, etc.

    I want to ask the experts - is this really true?

    2018-11-29 20_55_13-Tampermonkey extension installation.jpg

    2018-11-29 20_48_52-Tampermonkey • Chrome.jpg

    2018-11-29 20_51_50-How to remove Tampermonkey (Virus Removal Guide) - Botcrawl.jpg

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