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  1. Hi Kevin! Thanks for the help! The system works. There is one small BUT: sfs / scannow sometimes infects corrupt files in the system. Sometimes he reports that he successfully restored them, and sometimes that some files could not be recovered ... I understand that this topic is already beyond the scope of this topic, so do not ask for help, but simply inform ... I can not understand why one scan-no damaged files, the other (on the same day!) - found corrupted system files, but the system can automatically restore them. And on the same day - reports after checking that the damaged files are damaged and some of them failed to recover .. I just do not understand why this happens? I did not install any new applications, only updates of Windows (not all, unfortunately, were installed) I'll wait for the monthly Tuesday patches - how to install updates. In any case, thanks again for the prompt help! p.s.Here, please look at the logs! The first one - sfc / scannow in it the system found corrupted files and successfully restored them! The second-in safe mode sfc / scannow can not repair corrupted files ... Why is it so? CBS.log CBS (2).log
  2. Hi Frank! Thank you very much for your help! Windows Update Center is working! You are right, the update is installed. After installing many updates, reboots-if possible-look again at my logs. If everything is okay, the topic can be closed! FRST.txt Addition.txt
  3. Yes, that's right! I again switched to stable updates-everything works fine, nmkakih problems! Thanks you!
  4. Hi Frank! I turned on the beta update, the program was updated, EAM restarted and now no problems! Thank you!
  5. Hi Frank! I would not like to put a beta version) as soon as the correction is expected in the final version?
  6. Hi! Yes, I reinstalled the program, installed a new version from the site, previously deleting the old one. But what should I do now ?! Windows 7x64 Pro
  7. And where to get the installation file of the previous version ?! But, I'm afraid, this is not a solution to the problem....
  8. Hi! That's just terrible! Started flashing a notification every few seconds from the Windows security center! (in system tray) To stop this, I had to completely disable the service of the Windows Security Center (WSCSVC)! Can not anything be done? Why should this integration of the EAM into the Windows Security Center? How can I fix it or wait for changes in the program?
  9. Hi! Version 2017.10.1.8165 with integration into the Security Center of Windows causes a second blinking (message) of the security center! It's horrible! I had to disable the service of the Windows Security Center! (WSCSVC) Is it possible that nothing will be done with this ?!
  10. Hi Kevin! Done! Unfortunately, I tried to install manually update KB 4041681 from the Microsoft updates catalog, BUT- when you install the message - the update does not apply to this computer! Why? Fixlog.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  11. Hi Kevin! I must say that not all Windows updates have been installed! Security update for September-denied .... FRST.txt Addition.txt
  12. Hi Kevin! You are just a magician! Everything worked out! Updates are established! Thank you very much, you are a real expert! p.s. No more actions to verify the system is required? p.p.s. 1)After working with the utility, I have new folder and files on drive C. They can not be deleted? 2)But this entry in the registry about the disabled Security Center - normal? Although the Service Center works in the autorun!
  13. Hello Kevin! Thank you! Thanks, everything works, but there is one problem. I do not know if it's not related to SecHiJack (A). Namely - I can not get Windows updates! when searching for updates-an error (screen) "Unknown Windows Update error". I read about this error, restarted the service, cleared the SoftwaresDistribution folder, performed sfc / scannow - nothing helps... Perhaps this is not on the topic, but maybe you will advise something?
  14. So, it is possible to use MBAM as a scanner on demand, if necessary?
  15. Hi Kevin! Here are the logs.However, the tool did not need a reboot! Did I do the right thing? AdwCleaner[S0].txt Fixlog.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  16. Thank you, Kevin! watched the video. It's good. And I do not doubt the possibility of working together EAM, MBAM & Zemana But that's not the point! And in that (as explained GT500 and Umbra), that Zeman Antilogger in the latest version does not already have those functions of proactive protection and behavioral analysis, as it was before Therefore, there is no sense in using the Antilogger together with the EAM.
  17. Hi! Many thanks for the clarification! And I did not know that Zemana Antilogger 2.1 is not at all the product that was before! It would be my big mistake to install Zemana, but you stopped me in time! Thank you! Of course, the protection of the EAM is absolutely enough!
  18. Hi Kevin! Thank you! Here are logs: FRST.txt Addition.txt
  19. Thanks for the answer! I understand that 2 security programs on one machine are not very good! But I was referring to Antilogger(!), not to AntiMalware. After all, these programs have slightly different tasks and functions! An antilogger is more of a behavior blocker, not an antivirus application! Or I'm wrong?
  20. Hello! EAM found in the registry and placed in quarantine SecHiJack (A). I read that this is a dangerous threat! Full computer scan - clean. In browser extensions, it's also clean. What else can I do to make sure that this was the only threat on the computer and now it is rendered harmless? I do not create a topic by rules, because. I hope that my computer is not infected. I just want to know what action to take!
  21. Hi All! Several years ago this issue was already discussed. I would like to know 2 things: Is the current version of EAM and Zemana Antilogger compatible? and is there any sense in strengthening the EAM by this program? Of course, when there was an online armor, I would not ask such a question
  22. Thanks for the answer! Yes, I understand that I have 2 options! On the site there is a utility for checking the effectiveness of the firewall So, just this first tester shows that the Windows firewall is effective! IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO CONNECT !!! (screen) The second version of the configuration-firewall test fails ... Therefore, I probably choose the first (more complex) version of the settings. Just wanted to learn from experts Emsisoft - whether such settings are acceptable when working with the new version of the EAM. Thanks again for the answer!
  23. Hi all! Tell me, please, how to configure the firewall? do you have enough default settings, or do you need to go to advanced settings and configure permissions for EVERY application?