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  1. Hello!

    Earlier, when I was working for the EIS, he reported on the launch of any modified (updated) program.

    For example, after updating any browser-EIS reported on the first start of the updated program- "the program was changed"!

    I guess it was right!

    Now EAM does not say anything after updating the programs on the PC.:huh:

    So it should be? Is it done specifically to reduce the number of messages \ warnings?

  2. Hello!

    Tell me, so I can allow access to the Internet through the Windows firewall only a2service.exe? Will all EAM protection components work properly?

    Now I have done just that. EAM is updated and as if working without problems. Do not have to allow other files to access the Internet?

    2017-12-08 20_17_32-Internet access - Emsisoft Anti-Malware - Emsisoft Support Forums.jpg

  3. 5 hours ago, JeremyNicoll said:

    Yes, that's the right place.   If PowerShell isn't listed (I can't read the cyrillic parts of your screenshot), maybe it's not actually been installed?   According to 


    PowerShell, if you have it, will have shortcuts at  Start / All Programs / Accessories / Windows PowerShell.    Do you have those?

    Yes, in the list of programs, as you indicated, have the PowerShell.

  4. Hello all!

    The EmsiSoft blog https://blog.emsisoft.com/2017/11/17/fileless-malware-attacks/

    informs about fileless Malvare. And that more often in the Windows registry they hit Windows PowerShell and WMI.

    It is recommended that you turn off PowerShell.

    But I do not understand how to do this? From the above instructions, it is unclear ...

    In my computer(Windows 7x64), I do not find the ability to disable this application:huh:

    Just launch it as a command line!

    Please tell us more about the disable PowerShell!

    2017-11-20 20_29_50-Fileless malware_ Invisible threat or scaremongering_ _ Emsisoft _ Security Blog.jpg

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  5. Hi Kevin!

    Thank you for the clarification!

    My system works stably.

    All applications run and perform their functions.

    So I hope, you are right: you can ignore the testimony of the sfs / scannow utility.;)

    Of course, there will be a lot of next Tuesday's updates-whether they will all be fixed!
    Thanks again for the help!

    Can I contact you if there are problems with installing Windows updates?

  6. Hi Kevin!

    Thanks for the help! The system works.:D

    There is one small BUT:blush:: sfs / scannow sometimes infects corrupt files in the system.

    Sometimes he reports that he successfully restored them, and sometimes that some files could not be recovered ...

    I understand that this topic is already beyond the scope of this topic, so do not ask for help, but simply inform ...

    I can not understand why one scan-no damaged files, the other (on the same day!:huh:) - found corrupted system files, but the system can automatically restore them. And on the same day - reports after checking that the damaged files are damaged and some of them failed to recover ..

    I just do not understand why this happens?

    I did not install any new applications, only updates of Windows (not all, unfortunately, were installed) I'll wait for the monthly Tuesday patches - how to install updates.

    In any case, thanks again for the prompt help!

    p.s.Here, please look at the logs! The first one - sfc / scannow in it the system found corrupted files and successfully restored them! The second-in safe mode sfc / scannow can not repair corrupted files ... Why is it so?


    CBS (2).log

  7. Hi!

    That's just terrible!:blink:

    Started flashing a notification every few seconds from the Windows security center! (in system tray)

    To stop this, I had to completely disable the service of the Windows Security Center (WSCSVC)!

    Can not anything be done? Why should this integration of the EAM into the Windows Security Center?:(

    How can I fix it or wait for changes in the program?

  8. Hi Kevin!

    You are just a magician!:D

    Everything worked out! Updates are established!

    Thank you very much, you are a real expert!

    p.s. No more actions to verify the system is required?

    p.p.s. 1)After working with the utility, I have new folder and files on drive C. They can not be deleted?

    2)But this entry in the registry about the disabled Security Center - normal? Although the Service Center works in the autorun!


    2017-10-31 19_05_26-Центр обновления Windows.jpg

    2017-10-31 21_55_26-Локальный диск (C_).jpg

    2017-10-31 22_02_21-.jpg

    2017-10-31 22_08_19-Службы.jpg

  9. Hello Kevin!

    Thank you!:)

    Thanks, everything works, but there is one problem.-_-

    I do not know if it's not related to SecHiJack (A). Namely - I can not get Windows updates! when searching for updates-an error (screen) "Unknown Windows Update error".

    I read about this error, restarted the service, cleared the SoftwaresDistribution folder, performed sfc / scannow - nothing helps...

    Perhaps this is not on the topic,:blush: but maybe you will advise something?

    2017-10-27 17_11_52-Центр обновления Windows.jpg

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