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  1. Hello! I solved the problem: removed port 1701 (L2TP) UDP ports blocked WindowsServices. Now connecting and networking - no problem! Just a question to the experts: is it safe to keep an open port 1701?
  2. Hello all! I installed the EIS. But the firewall does not connect to the Internet... I Have cable connection, L2TP, WAN miniport. Whit Online Armor everything worked great! How do I configure the firewall? To open port 1701? But how to do it? This is my second day working with the firewall completely disabled! Then connect without problems. But is it normal to have a disabled component protection? Please help me to rectify the situation p.s. the first screen - when disabled firewall, latest at.
  3. Thank you, okay. But how EAM would have worked if it was a simple update? Even on a 64-bit machine it would have continued to stand in Program Files (x86)? whereas in fact it would be abnormal? Probably, it was necessary to warn users of the need to perform a clean installation of this version?
  4. Hi! Yesterday I clean installed EAM (removing previous version)- -because when you update had problems with the Desktop Window Manager! However, all returned to normal, but I decided to install clean. Three years of EAM is installed in the folder Program Files (x86) But yesterday suddenly in the folder Program Files is this normal? This is a very unexpected!
  5. Hello Elise! Thank you very much for your help! No, no specific problems with the computer not. That's why I doubt the findings AdwCleaner and wanted to ask the experts, risking to delete independently, without consultation! Now I'll do it quietly.
  6. Hello! I have to say that EAM does not find suspicious files! But here is the AdwCleaner - detects the folder, file and the three registry key that it deems necessary for removal. But I'm not sure! Please tell me do I need to remove what AdwCleaner finds? AdwCleanerS58.txt
  7. Hi! Yes, but the firewall will work! even without database updates, it's better than Windows firewall! I wonder will it work HIPS, antikeylogger and web filter? Or all 4 components - only the firewall? Perhaps I would have stayed with OA even if it is only the firewall!
  8. Hi! Thanks! I reinstalled EAM and OA. Well, I'll wait for another BSoD.
  9. Hi! OK, thanks. Then tell me, please, where, in what directory I can find a complete memory dump in case of a new problem?
  10. p.s. I will allow myself to disagree with the fact that the sfc logs all the files restored! Not at all! 4 component - not restored. And it shows (sorry) even I, a layman! I found that the cause of damage in three incorrect at becoming the Windows updates. I had them removed. Did again the test. And now-indeed, all files are restored, no damage. Compare today's sfc log: now (2).txt - all is restored! So unclear is the cause of BSoD in Windows updates (lately-a lot of messages about incorrect Microsoft updates) - or Emsisoft products... sfcdetails.txt sfcdetails (2).txt
  11. Thanks. So I have to wait for the next BSoD?
  12. Hello, Christian! Thanks! No, for 2 days, no blue screens, no! EAM updating. But I can't see what was the cause of the BSoD? And what to expect next?
  13. Hello! Unfortunately, sfc/scannow detects a violation of the integrity of the system files! Here is the log. What do I do? Are there any ideas from Emsisoft? CBS.log sfcdetails.txt
  14. Hello! Based on the error in the file - it is possible that the reason Windows? Recommend to install the patch from Microsoft. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/hotfix/kbhotfix?kbnum=2203330&kbln=ru But I'm no expert, can't assess the situation correctly So I hope for the help Emsisoft!
  15. Hello! Today again repeated BSoD! And again-after the update EAM and subsequent shutdown of the laptop. Version of EAM-current ( Here is the update and dump 052415-14289-01.dmp
  16. Well, thanks. I want to use OA to the end! That is, until the spring of 2016 with subsequent transition to EIS. That is-a whole year! But why the developers don't want to allow re-activate my purchased 2 years ago( that is-the key is not new!) license, in case if I have over a year to reinstall OA? Perhaps this is not quite right? or that is the principled position of the company?
  17. Thank you very much! Today I reinstalled OA and activated the key. (no problem ) Please specify whether I (suddenly need to reinstall! ) once you activate the key within the year!
  18. Hello! Product support roadmap... If I need to reinstall Online Armor - will my valid license key? The validity period-until the summer of 2016. I'm just not sure on the background of the termination of support-will the program my current key?
  19. OK, of course! thank you for your willingness to help!
  20. Ok, I get it still, Christian, I understand the reason for the bluescreen! It can be regarded as a coincidence? bug EAM process?
  21. Hi, Christian! Thanks for the reply! Yes, the version of EAM stable! BSoD happened after updating EAM (screen 2). It was after this update, I turned off the computer and crashed the system! What would you advise to do? reinstall EAM? Now everything works correctly. I did sfc/scannow - Windows does not detect violations of the integrity of the system!
  22. Hello! Sorry-of course, the CRASH! Today I got a BSoD! It happened suddenly, when you shut down the PC. On the next boot - the system is working properly (as if!), but OA offered to send to the address Emsisoft dump-file! The crash of a system is associated with the Emsisoft products?! This is the first time! please tell me-do I need to do something? 050415-13416-01.dmp
  23. Hi all! The product is not dead! long live Online Armor! I'm a fan of this app and he is willing to pay for the Premium version! I hope that Emsisoft will hear our voices and will not leave without attention. I just can't imagine my computer without Online Armor! It is really 100% control of the system. Can't be that such a program was abandoned...
  24. Ah, that's how! To create a rule for \system32 and it will work also for \SysNative? Well, I will!
  25. Yes, I will wait for a response-because EAM periodically gives me trouble, determining SysNative instead of the System32
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