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  1. Hello! Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! I want to sincerely thank C.Mairoll and the whole Emsisoft team for quick and prompt response to current events on the Internet! So it was always, and now, at the beginning of the New Year, Emssoft has responded very quickly to the vulnerabilities found in the systems! Thanks to you all the necessary updates are installed, there are no conflicts and, I hope, there will be really free of malware day!
  2. Exclusions settings

    Yes thank you! I worked for 7 years without these exclusions, apparently they really are not needed! Thanks for the advice!
  3. Hello! Happy New Year! Tell me, please: 1) Is it correct for me to add folders to the exclusions of scanning and monitoring? I thought, will the EAM double-check the quarantine? After all, it's in the Emsisoft folder! Do we need such exclusions (folders Emsisoft) or is it not necessary? 2) Is it more likely that the MBAM folder is moved to exclusions from scanning? ps. I use MBAM only as an on-demand scanner.
  4. 7 years from Emssoft! This is really the best!

  5. EAM and CyberGhost

    Thank you! Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!
  6. Hello! In the blog Emsisoft among 10 New Year's gifts is offered and buying VPN. True, this is NordVPN. I want to ask specialists about the possible problems and shortcomings of the CyberGhost VPN. Its merits and properties are well known. But, perhaps, there are problems and shortcomings? (open port 80, etc.) And how effective is the addition of EAM protection to work with VPN?
  7. Obsolete software key Emsisoft

    Hello! Thank you, you understand.
  8. Hello! Thanks.I understood correctly - is it normal that the EAM does not report (alert) a change in the program after its update? Specifically, worked Fx 56.02. Updated to Quantum (57.02). Should the EAM at the first start of a new, updated browser inform (alert) that the program has been changed? Now there are no such alerts ... p.s. of course, I know that EAM differs from EIS in the absence of a firewall. The rest is the same!
  9. Hello! Why does Ccleaner find an empty registry key every time I start the system? I understand that this can be added to the exceptions ... But why this key is formed every time again and why is it empty? Can you explain?
  10. Hello! Earlier, when I was working for the EIS, he reported on the launch of any modified (updated) program. For example, after updating any browser-EIS reported on the first start of the updated program- "the program was changed"! I guess it was right! Now EAM does not say anything after updating the programs on the PC. So it should be? Is it done specifically to reduce the number of messages \ warnings?
  11. Internet access

    Hello! Tell me, so I can allow access to the Internet through the Windows firewall only a2service.exe? Will all EAM protection components work properly? Now I have done just that. EAM is updated and as if working without problems. Do not have to allow other files to access the Internet?
  12. Disable PowerShell?

    Hi! It is about this (vulnerability) and is reported in the blog Emsisoft!
  13. Disable PowerShell?

    Hi! But I absolutely do not use PowerShell, I never run. Maybe there is no danger then? Obviously, there is no way to remove this preinstalled program from the computer!
  14. Disable PowerShell?

    Yes, in the list of programs, as you indicated, have the PowerShell.