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  1. andrey

    Minor bug of the Program

    Hello! You really found the cause-and eliminated it! After one of today's updates, everything is fine! Thank you so much!
  2. andrey

    Minor bug of the Program

    Hi! Thank you, I will be grateful!
  3. Hello! The language is not saved in the program settings! This was in version 2018.3, and in the new, 2018.4 - the same situation. I select the RUSSIAN menu from the drop-down menu, but the next time I start the computer (after rebooting), I'm again empty in the window. Although the interface itself - in Russian ... In general, it's little things, but I want the developers to know.
  4. Hello! Thanks to the development team-in the current version (2018.3.1.8572), all the scans work without any problems!
  5. andrey

    About the installation file

    No, I was referring to the fact that earlier on the site there was only one installation file, without taking into account the system capacity (32 or 64-bit) That is, the file was suitable for any operating system! And now-separate files for 32 and 64-bit. I'm wondering why the division occurred? Many programs have installation files depending on the system capacity. But EAM for a long time was downloaded automatically without regard to bit depth. Or I'm wrong? Probably, it's not so important-just interested in changing the installation file on the site! Maybe there is something fundamental in the new versions of the EAM? Now from the Russian site it is offered to download the binary file, from the English-speaking installer msi. Do I need a second option (screen 2) for a 64-bit system or does it not matter?
  6. Hi all! Why have now divided the installation files by the bit depth of the operating system and added the combined.exe? After all, there used to be only one file to install the program! What is the reason for this?
  7. Hi Jeremy! Because it used to be an effective way to detect rootkits! But .. GT500 has already explained that today it is not necessary However, all the declared options should work, right? In any case, earlier (in the early versions of the EAM) such a bug was not.I hope that they will fix it!
  8. Hello! I have a similar problem with a Custom Scan The scan does not end and it can not be stopped! Only rebooting the computer ... Is there really a reason-in the option Direct Disc Access?
  9. Hello! I do not quite understand why to create Kit Maker from EAM resources? After all, there is a separate program for the Emergency Kit! What are the advantages? only that the signatures of the EAM system running will be used?
  10. Hello! Perhaps my question will seem naive ... But still: by default, it's worth "checking only files with specific extensions" Yes, their (extensions) can be edited. A long time interested in the question, why exactly? To speed up the scan speed? But then not all files are checked! Is it possible (and does it make sense?) To uncheck and check ALL files?
  11. Hi! Thanks for the answer! I have no problems with access to sites, as well as problems with blocking unreliable! I thought it was a general, global recommendation to turn off AppContainer in Chrome. p.s. Thanks, GT500, but of course I know how to create and edit rules.
  12. Hi! Excuse me, did I understand correctly that you must disable the AppContainer function in the Chrome browser?
  13. Thanks for answers! I understood. Yes, Jeremy, my screenshot was artificially created to show the problem (misleading) Forgive me for having led you astray! But otherwise I could not have time to capture the screen!
  14. Hi Jeremy! Yes, it's written there! For the first time I just did not have time to make a screenshot, and EAM automatically automatically turned on all the protection for no more than three seconds! BUT exactly the same picture at startup, the protection is OFF. You're right, I did this screen (having disabled it myself for 10 minutes) just to show what the interface looks like on startup!