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  1. Hello!

    I want to add - this small problem with the interface - only on a laptop.
    On a desktop computer there is no such problem!
    Although the operating system, its settings, the list of installed programs are completely identical.
    Of course, I understand that it all depends on the specific configuration of the system — although they are as close as possible to me.

  2. Hello!

    Thank you, I really hope for a fix!

    Another small problem, it appeared at the beginning of the month, when EAM was updated to version 2006 and a2guard.exe crashed:

    the program window sizes I have selected are not saved!

    At the next start of the computer - the window size (UI) is reset to "default".

    This can be seen on the screenshots.

    Of course, this is completely uncritical - but still😏

    This was not the case with version 2005...

    2020-06-09 16_24_42-.jpg
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    2020-06-09 16_25_14-Emsisoft Anti-Malware Home.jpg
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  3. Hello!

    Good question!
    I also thought about this - that ANY notification should crash!
    But I have not had any other notifications yet - after all, notifications about updating databases have been deleted.
    But I will look after this!
    Perhaps a notification about installing a browser extension will work...
    I'll write what will happen!

  4. Hello!

    I agree that reinstalling is unlikely to help😔
    Apparently, I have to wait ... Thanks for the desire to help!
    ...Trying to exclude all possible causes of the problem, I want to ask again:
    Can the application O&O ShutUp settings (such as, for example, access to the file system) cause a crash a2guard?
    I ask because on that day (when the crash started) only 2 events happened:
    EAM was updated to version 2020.6.0. and I applied ShutUp settings.
    p.s. Of course, I returned the changed settings back, but to no avail.
    I want to say that now, after disabling notifications, the a2guard.exe crash has stopped!

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  5. Hello!

    What am I supposed to do?
    So live and work with this problem?
    You have not received my crash dump sent from the EAM interface?
    Very curious, what's there? What is the reason?
    I see  for myself 3 ways of further developments of events:
    1) Wait for the decryption of the crash dump logs ( app.terminated - a2guard.exe.)
    2) Wait for the new version of EAM to appear.
    3) Reinstall EAM.
    If you think that reinstalling EAM will help me, which installation file should I choose to download?

    0 (2).jpg
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  6. Hello all!

    I tried on a laptop - disabled Core Isolation.
    Crash problem  (a2guard.exe) - persisted 🙄 (when the notification about removable devices is On)
    If notifications are turned Off, there is no crash.
    Of course, I'm not an expert, but, probably, the reason is really in Sciter ( modern UI Development) - after all, only this NEW one appeared in EAM?

    p.s. For the sake of the experiment:

    I turned On the Core Isolation on a stationary computer - there is no crash of a2guard.exe.

    This is evidence that this Windows setting has nothing to do with it!

    However, it is incomprehensible - notifications about removabledevice are included On a stationary computer - but there is no crash ...

    It seems this is some kind of local EAM problem on my LAPTOP😔

  7. 4 hours ago, GT500 said:

    It could be related to the new version of Sciter (the framework we use to build EAM's UI) we updated to in EAM 2020.6. When we do that, there's always the possibility of new UI related bugs, and the content of the notifications is displayed using Sciter just like everything else in the UI.


    My assumption would be that it probably isn't, however we haven't tested this recently so I can't know for certain.

    If you turn it off and restart the computer, does that have any effect on the issue?


    Exactly this is something new at EAM!
    Because BEFORE the EAM update (Sciter) (2020.6) - I had NO problems with the crash of a2guard.exe😒
    Ok, I’ll try to turn off isolation and look at the crash problem.
    Then can you turn Core Isolation back On without harming the system?
    p.s. EAM has been working for me for a whole year (!) with Core Isolation turned On without crash problems.
    So, the reason, most likely, is not in this setting of Windows, but with a new element in EAM😌
    Agree, this is a logical argument?

  8. ok, I'll do it and look


    I turned off removable notifications on the laptop (!) - and surprisingly 😉- the a2guard.exe crash did not happen when the device was connected!

    However, I again sent a message to Emsisoft about the crash.

    It was successfully sent to my mailing address. Screen, of course, in Russian.

    Of course, the situation is completely incomprehensible to me:

    on a stationary PC today everything is fine,

    but on a laptop - the problem of disabling the message about external media fixed the problem!

    I wonder what’s the matter here?


    2020-06-03 11_49_22-Application terminated.png
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    2020-06-03 12_05_08-Emsisoft Anti-Malware Home.jpg
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  9. 23 minutes ago, GT500 said:

    Something is preventing the computer from resolving the IP addresses for and Have you already checked this computer's HOSTS file for any lines containing "emsisoft"?

    Also, is there any other security software installed that could be filtering DNS requests? Adguard for Windows perhaps?

    Yes, AdGuard 7.4.1

    But can this possibly be the reason for the crash of a2guard.exe  when connecting to USB?