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  1. Yes, but that is far from an optimal solution since you are disabling a major part of NOD32 protection. Eset is working on a work-around as stated in their forum: https://forum.eset.com/topic/3351-nod32-version-8-breaks-emsisoft-emergency-kit/
  2. I appreciate your help. Thank you.
  3. Running NOD32 AV, version 8.0.301.0, MBAE Premium, Windows 8.1 64 bit.
  4. I can't update today either. Something's not right.
  5. One thing I noticed is, after restarting my computer and clicking "update", it seems to reload all the signatures again. This only happens after the first restart. Is it necessary to restart the computer after running the initial scan? Thanks. I am running version with 10,233,572 signatures. Windows 7 SP1.
  6. Thank you for the information. I'm running version 7 Beta now.
  7. Usually, the first scan is the slowest. I am interested in subsequent scans. I am not interested in comparing scan times of Ikarus vs, BD. Thanks.
  8. Does the program use caching so subsequent scans are faster? Thanks.
  9. There better be or a lot of people (myself included) won't use it.By the way, ran Eicar test file without a peep from EAM.
  10. I can compare one AV to another if they both run on the same computer. Right?? Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit, SP1. 4GB RAM. Running a deep scan.
  11. I downloaded the beta and then restarted my computer. The first scan was 12 minutes. After updating definitions, subsequent scan was also 12 minutes which I consider to be too long. Other AVs average around 4 to 6 minutes on subsequent scans. There also doesn't seem to be any scan optimization. If I run two scans in a row without any uodate inbetween, there is no increase in scan speed. It seems the program runs the entire scan from scratch.
  12. False positives EEK on Zemana AntiLogger (,exe file) version which can be downloaded here: http://zemana.com/Download.aspx I also submitted files through EEK interface. Running Windows 7 SP1, 32 bit. IE 9. NOD32, Zemana AntiLogger AdMuncher 4.92
  13. If someone would provide me instructions on how to create these debugview logfiles as well as the ability for me to look at these files before I send them to Emsisoft, I would be happy to create them.
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