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  1. I've added to this version and test so far it works great. Regards/Rogga1
  2. Hello Fabian Wosar! Where is the new version of Emsisoft 6 which should work on SSD drives. Did you forget me! Regards/Rogga1
  3. Thanks, Fabian Wosar! Do you write in my post when I can update to Ver. 6 that will work.
  4. This SSD drive have I, INTEL SSDSA2M120G2GC ATA Device. What happend then in my computer? Regards/Rogga1.
  5. Hello! Thanks for the answer. Entirely truly I have a SSD drive! Exists it any solution on this together with SSD drive? Regards/Rogga1.
  6. Hello! I got problems with version 6 of Emsisoft Anti-Malware, my computer all of a sudden out of order, no goes that start. I must restarted my computer after is happens and then works the to next walk it happens. Solution on the problem is that I remove v6 and reinstall old version of Emsisoft Anti-Malware then after that so works my computer excellent again. Any prosess that ends to work, but know don´t which. Sorry for my bad english. Regards/Rogga1
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