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  1. I removed bitdefender AND downloaded the OA ++. After install OA++ I still see the premium version active. Do I have to do something else ??
  2. Trust All option. I thing I did not and if I'm correct remenber OA started with scanning and contro0ling the system. I did not exclude Bitdefender ( and incuded firewall) because OA is Not the virus protection (need the ++ for that ??)
  3. Ofcourse I use Windows 7 64 Bit & up to date including service-packs and latest drivers I installed the your free version OnlineAmor FireWall in premium mode Besides this I have running Betdifender plus Peerblock latest version I hope this will help us
  4. Hello Problem: Online armour will not start on my computer. I get a errorscreen telling me the services cannot be started. I can start the (two) services by hand but I find that tedious. I removed AntiMaleware because I had the same kind of error (services does not start) . What I want to achief is: To Install a single solution Virus protection and Firewall with all the ++ features How to do that??
  5. Hello Installed Beta 5.00 yesterday, today a scheduled scan started and made my system hang. I only was able to do a reboot. If there is additional log/trace software let me know and I will install that to provide you with more detail information if necessary Regards Hans