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  1. My condolences to his family and all his friends. Rest In Peace, Rob We will miss you.
  2. Hi, Which other security software do you have installed? I understand that for now the problem is solved, and the 'Last Update' mention is correct? Regards, Maxstar
  3. Hi, Download the cleaning utility Emsiclean to your desktop. Run the EmsiClean.exe file on your desktop, with Windows Vista and 7 start the program as administrator. Select all the files and objects and click on "Remove selected objects" If the cleaning is done reboot the computer. Now on your desktop there is a logfile "EmsiClean_Date_Time". Attach this file please. Use the button "More Reply Options" (right below) to attach the file to your posting. Reinstall Emisoft Anti-Malware again. Regards, Maxstar
  4. Hi, Which version are you using the paid or free version? What happens if you want to start a manual update?
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