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  1. I already have link to the ini. file but don't see any point in installing MBAE as EIS now covers that sector. Will wait and see if Stapp comes up with any thing.
  2. I have the SBIE compatibility checked for Emsisoft so I unchecked it and rebooted and Surf Protection still doesn't work under Sandboxie in any of my browsers. However, I notice in your signature you have the same setup as I do except you list MBAE. I assume that to get MBAE working with SB you have imported the ini. file into SB to make them compatible? If so I wonder if that has opened a path that allows Surf Protection to see the browser.
  3. Thanks a lot for that info Stapp. I am using Windows 7 64 bit with no intention of upgrading at present so will have a look at creating a firewall rule for the site I need to block.
  4. I have noticed that adding an IP address or www address to Surf Protection only works with a non sandboxed browser. Is this for the same reason that it doesn't work in Appcontainer? I normally run Firefox under Sandboxie and Surf Protection does not stop connection to any sites on the list or my self entered one's. Is this by design in v12 as I know it worked in previous versions, certainly in v10 and I am sure in v11. EIS File guard works OK in Sandboxie so I have to assume this is peculiar to Surf Protection.
  5. Thanks for the info Pete. I knew it was you who did the test I was refering to but hadn't the time to search back hundreds of pages to find it for the full details. As I also have AppGuard installed I just kept thinking to myself "are all these other apps really neccessary" when EIS probably covers the same scenarios anyway. Thank you Fabian, thats basically what I wanted to know. I have not had Java installed for years, only use Flash on demand when required and only have two other plugins anyway.
  6. There has been much publicity recently to the growing threat posed by 'exploits' and HitmanPro.Alert and Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit have been widely promoted as the answers to this. However one of the testers of HMP.A over at Wilders (who is a member here) noted that while HMP.A succesfully stopped a threat he tried against it so did EIS. So do HMP.A and MBAE actually provide any extra protection from 'exploits' over and above what EIS alone already provides. Is there any real point in installing one or the other of them in addition to EIS.
  7. Hi Cat, first post and first problem with OA since Tall Emu days I was getting a pop-up from the task bar icon that the virus signature update had failed. A look in history since I posted shows that the first time OA++ tried to download virus updates after the upgrade to there was a 'Firewall:user decision' to block 'C:\Program Files (x86) Online Armor\A2\OArau.exe (?)' Don't know why that was blocked but it certainly wasn't blocked by user. A bug perhaps. Anyway, I looked for the entry in the Firewall settings and it is listed as allowed, no sign of it not being allowed or block
  8. I am using OA++ and since the automatic update to all the virus signature updates have failed. The virus signature updates were always successful before this version update. The OA database and component updates have been successful, no problem with those. Should the Virus updates be successful or is this a problem associated with the plan to discontinue the ++ version of OA?
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