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  1. OK gave it a go. It installed Dragon browser and worse internet security which either I didn't notice or slipped in. Along with Geek Buddy and I remember now why I didn't like their antivirus. Its incestuous. For one thing Geek buddy is paid program set up for USA so got rid of that but even with Geek could not uninstall the internet security part which clashed with my anti Virus - which was what alerted me - Avast - and in the end had to do a forced uninstall with Geek. Love Geek best uninstaller and free. So thanks but it certainly is not even close to being as good as Online Armour Free Firewall. Guess it worked for you but not for me - I like a free standing Firewall. Back to Windows on laptop and have to pray I never lose W7 on this desk top as it is running OA firewall as it has for years no problems such a shame its not free or even stand alone. I would pay for stand alone. Its that good. Best if these programs are stand alone saves hassles. I know Comodo has good rep but it really isnt for me or anyone who doesnt want to be nagged silly Avast is getting a bit like that but then seems to be the new norm.
  2. Thanks I will give it a go - tried their anti-virus - excellent - nut bit too complicated.
  3. Thank you. I have been trying to put it back onto a Lap Top my husband uses mainly for soccer. He let it go to W 10 and has complained ever since of popping in messages fro Windows whilst watching soccer video's just as a goal is about to be scored. So having had enough of the complaints I took it back to factory settings which were luckily Windows 7 Home Premium SP 1. And Windows 7 is being supported right up to 2020 and I reckon beyond as many millions still using it or having no support for XP have like businesses - gone to Windows 7 Pro as I did in my business now XP gone and it has worked correctly for years now on my home desk top pc which is W7 Home Premium SP1. It is the licence window that is coming up on boot so that explains why wont take the license it had prior to W10 removing it. As it did on the Lap top til W10 arrived and I feel guilty as protected all my computers for work etc but missed the little one he uses for soccer mainly as we dont get a lot here in Australia . Had a look around and there simply isnt anything as good as Free OA basic firewall around even now. Shame its not able to carry its reputation on longer as best of the best. And on looking amazed at how many others still using OA today like I do. Really it is a flagship icon of your ability to make top of the world programs
  4. I have had to do a reinstall of system and for some reason cant get OA license accepted. Know it is no longer supported but ike others still run it as best round. Not the first time since discontinued etc so have you blocked keys now if we have to reinstall etc.?
  5. Thank you that worked a treat. Late getting back due to for some reason couldnt start except via safe mode, tried all the things suggested by MS and others on forum and finally was thinking would have to format back to XP then upgrade again to Win 7 but a tech at Harvey Norman a local store said try just putting in your disc with Win 7 and see. Nothing didnt recognise it and panicked. Finally ended up in the place where the computer rating is shown and instead of 3.3 it was greyed out and key at the base looked odd so tried to reactive and that worked. So that is a thing to check if you get not responding all the time - hard to start - start in safe mode and ok but then next boot nothing but a black screen - this is maybe what they do to illegal copies of OS. Never had any problems since running OA it is a very good program. Or malware with SAS Pro together work well. Also running MSE for a while too light and easy updates.
  6. Running Windows 7 32 bit. Had this for a while now and today tried both FF and IE10 - FF took 5 mins to arrive. Again the message. Now have vry few add ons and have followed the directions from Mozilla to check reasons for slowness. Cant find what is the problem - was slow on FF 21 too. Now stopped updates til find problem. So tried to see if OA was stopping it as suggested. And thought at ome time there was a section where I could put in a program that I could run without a problem because Firefox says it reads a lot of files on booting and that my OA maybe slowing it etc. Cant find anything and run out of ideas. Any suggestions?
  7. My last update was 26th Ocotober and it tries and I have tried manually cant update at all.
  8. Thanks for that - i have installed the latest version and it has now updated itself so seems all is well. See others had same problem with earlier version. I do have XP3 service pack as just done a recovery. Might be worth mentioning that in doing that have to leave OA in learning mode or it blocks eveything. Forgot that as had had it so long andit just does its job well.
  9. I keep getting this message re port socket error 1101 and log says update failed. Any suggestions?
  10. Recently had to go back to base OS and found OA was blocking downloading new programs so put it into Learning mode and redonwloaded - ok then. But now it continually finds that my Avast Free Edition Anti Virus 6.0.1367 bin file is suspect every day when it downloads updates. Also Super Anti Spyware updates daily and it does the same Version 5..0.1144 Pro Lastly it loaths Internet Download manager every time I load Firefox or it downloads up comes alerts on most of its files. It always did dislike IDM before I had to do a recovery which was caused by IE8 downloading more than once and into same file. so what I have had to do as cant stop all the time to stop alerts but do want alerts for nasty things I dont know about or programs acting out of character etc - is to put the whole program file of each in exclusions and hope that is the way to deal as the actual file on OA cant get it for clipboard and clupboard when you right click is greyed out. Running Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 3 - 32 bit - now fully patched over several days together with SAS www.sas.com/ Avast www.avast.com/ Win Patrol Pro www.winpatrol.com/ Spyware Blaster www.javacoolsoftware.com/spywareblaster.html & Internet Dowmload Manager www.internetdownloadmanager.com/ Out of all of these programs OA dislikes IDM the most evry time it updates to a new version we go throught the whole thing over again on every file asking if I allow it not just once but over and over again. I have clicked yes to sending back infio on what I do - and thought this must eventually be accepted as bona fide on these programs as many thousands must use them.
  11. Worked for me - havent had any problems since got latest version and it is updating itself. Explains a bit about the problems I had been experiencing too with disconnections because it had been trying to update itself since 24.10 but I only got to see the socket error early November - meanwhile was churning ISP because old one had had 11 months of not being able to fix connection so never looked for another reason on new one - thought same old even though they said was fixed and now at my end. New Isp - BigPond - great as own the copper network so boots on the ground but had to wait out contract. Came down to how it was at the exchange not set right seemingly. I really love OA - best ever - tried most may not be NO 1 like Comodo but I found that to be too geeky for me! This one is user friendly and so open to all levels. Good on You Take a bow
  12. I am having the same problem but only became apparent with messages re socket error 11001 and 10054 on 2nd November for some reason. Last update 24.10 failed and it keeps trying to do it if you click update now. Will dl new version as also on VTW dont even know how to find sockets - but then don't know too much until something like this goes wrong and some explains. then I write it down so if it happens again etc.
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