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  1. Hi Emsisoft, I have recently installed the Emsisoft Internet Security Pack. In the Anti-Malware tab I am trying to enable the File Guard but each time I click "turn on" it shows File Guard:on for about 1 second and then reverts to File Guard:off. How do I enable the File Guard? I am also getting nagged by Kasperksy that it's firewall is off so I was wondering if it's okay to have both Kasperksy and Emsisoft firewalls on together? Regards, Nick.
  2. Hi Fabian, Thanks for the reply and suggestion. I have reinstalled Mamutu twice but each time it ended up asking for UAC permission to run as soon as I logged in to Windows. I simply ran the installer as is and each one led to Mamutu being set to 'run as Adminitrator'. I don't know if Mamutu is supposed to run as Administrator but I have disabled this setting to stop the nag screen.
  3. Hi Emsisoft, UAC is nagging me for permission to run Mamutu after every reboot as of a few days ago. Is this normal? My PC has only one login account which is Admin afaik. Regards, Nick. Win7Ultimate 64-bit
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