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  1. Bonjour, ceci devrait aller dans la section http://support.emsisoft.com/forum/6-help-my-pc-is-infected/ où je viens de le transférer. Merci et cordialement,
  2. Since attempting to assist more than one person in the same topic can cause us to inadvertently overlook someone, I have split your post into a new topic. We also ask that, in the future, you create a new topic on the forums when asking for assistance so that it is easier for us to assist you. Thank you for your understanding.
  3. Hi, I would need disinfection instructions for the above mentioned trojan. Thank you in advance and best regards!
  4. Hi there, there is another member who cannot clean an infection. Here's the link to the French section of the forum (http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/6928-probleme-de-nettoyage/) plus the attached reports files. Thank you for any help in advance and regards!
  5. Hi there, the above mentioned trojan seems impossible to remove after being recognized during a detailed scan. All log files can be found in the post in the French forum (http://support.emsis...le-a-supprimer/). Can anyone provide help on how to remove this trojan? Thank you and best regards!
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