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  1. Hi, I've been using the Emisoft suite since some time now, and since my last puchase in summer, I have seen that the install is not stable. After each windows update, and sometimes maybe even after closing down, at the restart, the software is not automatically starting. Then when I start it again, it is asking for licence key again, and set up from new again. Why ? Same also for Online Armor, it is not auto starting, but usually recognizes the licence information. Please comment and if possible explain the solution!
  2. Hi Andrewf, Yes, I confirm your question (the same happeped twice last week end). I have oahlp.exe and oaui.exe running, and can't be stoppe (acces denied) from the task manager. Thanks in advance for any comment Cheers, Cachou
  3. Hi I have installed the package of Online Armor and Antimalware on my laptop W7 x64 I have noticed sometimes recently I lose my internet access: while being connected apparently correctly to wifi or lan, I have no more access to web (takes hour of looking for data). I have seen that in such cases, the sign of Online Armor is downloading updates, usually 1ko, and seems to get stuck with it. (in the task bar on the right small notification zone) I found no way to stop the process, even in the task controller access is denied. Only way is to shut down. Any idea why or how to stop /prevent it ?
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