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  1. Hi Shadow, please find the required files below. Let me know further instructions. Thank you.
  2. Hi Shadow, I completed the JRE update and Registry change steps. Downloaded and extraced Avenger from new link. But, I am still getting the same virus warning when I try to run Avenger from desktop. Please advise if I can proceed with it!
  3. Hi Shadow, please find the required files attached. Let me know if any furher instructions. Thank you in advance.
  4. Hi Shadow, while running Avenger from Desktop, a-squared Anti-Malware prompted with the attached screenshot. Can I allow the program to run? Please confirm.
  5. Hi Shadow, Please check the attached file ran with WinDiag command.
  6. Hi Lynx, I tried to run Win32kDiag from Desktop. This also failed. Please see the attached log.
  7. Hi Lynx, I ran the Deep Scan. But, not able to save the report. no dialgo pops up! I have taken the attached screenshot of the report. Please look into it..
  8. Hi there.. I started using a-squared Anti-Malware and in the Quick Scan, it found 14 processes/objects infected with Gen.Trojan!IK. If I try to quarantine/delete the infected objects, the PC crashes!! But, nothing happens when I try to 'Save Report'. Please advise the next steps. Thank you. I am attaching the log file 'a-squared.db3' found under path C:\Program Files\a-squared Anti-Malware\Logs
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