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  1. I uninstalled Java about 8 months ago-do not miss it.
  2. tsr-you pose an interesting question. There is no 100 % right or wrong answer. Let's just say it all depends, on you. If you are comfortable with what you use, then great! In my opinion, smart computer security is a 2 fold deal, find effective, proven tools and use them wisely, then, do not be careless online (and rely on the tools to save your behind ). In the old days, it was easy to spot the "bad guys" because they all wore black masks-so much for it being easy these days! But seriously, nothing in this world is 100%-I believe in a layered approach (I am not an A/V or A/M expert but I know what works for me). Utilize the tools at your disposal (again wisely) and you should be all set!
  3. hek3-my settings recently have been set to daily and it has been running-please let me know if changing to every day of the week works-if not, run the debug logs for GT500. Another thought, you could try uninstall/reinstall. Might be worth a shot. But GT500 is the expert here (and really a decent guy). Hang in there~~~ :)
  4. Let me nose around and see what I got.
  5. Well I set the radio button to daily scans yesterday and it did run today. I will monitor it daily and see what happens.
  6. I'm on it-setting it up now...scan is scheduled for 9AM EST.
  7. So far no issues (it has been almost 3 months)-I have the exclusions set up in both. They both have features I like-so I take it a day at a time-just don't schedule scans at the same time. You can see my previous topic By the way, Happy New Year to all! May 2013 be better than 2012!
  8. Thanks Fabian (it is paid). That's what I thought, but just wanted to be sure!
  9. Looking at what I am currently running securitywise, would Mamutu add any value? Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
  10. It has now worked 2 days running. That method seems to work-I think I'll change it back to the daily radio button today and see what happens tomorrow.
  11. FYI Mr. Wilkinson, Yesterday I noticed my daily scans also were not occurring (at least for the past couple of days). I had the daily radio button selected. I changed to weekly and selected all the days of the week. It did run yesterday-I am waiting to see if it runs today.
  12. I have the Detect Riskware option checked (under file guard), but my scan logs show it off. Do I need to do something else to enable it?
  13. Christian, I added the exclusions in both programs as you advised. The only question I have is in the EAM 7 Whitelist, should the boxes (scanner, file guard & behavior blocker) be checked or unchecked to be excluded? Just want to be sure.