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  1. No every thing is green ..but when i start firefox 8 and open task manager its stop on 26.156 k its look like stick ??
  2. i just installed online armor and try to start firefox ..firefox simply fails to start ...it not open at all and i dont see any error message at all ? ...i am sure to add EAM in Exclusions
  3. my online armor version ..the problem start after setup online armor and i already had firefox 8 and i installed online armor and began having problem and my antivirus Emsisoft anti- Malware version and firefox simply fails to start ..firefox doesn't start this is the problem (
  4. os windows xp 32 bit firefox 8 online armor 32 bit antivirus Emsisoft anti- Malware
  5. online armor firewall dont let firefox 8 work ....that drive me crazy (
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