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  1. Thanks to everyone for the helpful comments. Regards, Brian
  2. Hmmm, I did as requested, enabled debugging, restarted and repeated the steps that were causing the problem but I can no longer reproduce them - the second time I tried to launch Idle it opened with no prompts from Online Armor. Just in case it made a difference I repeated with debugging disabled but still couldn't reproduce the original problem. I will keep an eye on it but, for now, it is all working. Regards, Brian
  3. Hi Fabian, I am not at my home machine right now but I will do as you request, probably tonight. Regards, Brian
  4. Hi Fabian, Many thanks for the quick reply. That is very reassuring to hear and I think you may be the first provider of a "full" real time anti-virus guard (as opposed to a supplemental security tool like Malwarebytes) I have heard of with such a co-operative attitude. Excellent! Regards, Brian
  5. I am running a trial of Online Armor 5.5, installed as part of the Internet Security Pack but I seem to be suffering from quite an annoying bug: If I try to edit a python file with the Idle editor, OA pops up an orange-bordered warning saying that it cannot make a decision about a dll that is loaded by the application pythonw.exe. When I select the options to trust the application, remember my choice and allow the behaviour everything works and the editor starts up correctly. However, if I close the editor and re-open it I get the same orange warning for the same files and so it seems that th
  6. I would just like to ask for the official line on whether it is considered safe to run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware with real time protection enabled alongside Emisoft Anti-Malware. Malwarebytes always state that their tool will run co-operatively with other anti-virus applications but most anti-virus suppliers completely contradict that statement and say that under no circumstances should any other real time protection tool be run in parallel with theirs. I am currently running Emsisoft real time and Malwarebytes real time in parallel (having set each tool to exclude the main files of the othe
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