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  1. Thank you again, I have you checked the Programs list for Blocked entries, and it doesn't show up there. I have also tried opening it up and armour blocks it. If I close out the internet and turn off armour, then I can open Word. It was on 10/15 when I accidently blocked it. I then that very day open armour, found it in history and tried to unblock it and I couldn't. The system would not allow me to. Jim
  2. Thank you catprincess, I had already tried this suggestion, but to no avail.I never could get the hyperlink to cooperate. Now it is no longer on history since it had been wiped out. So I am hoping someone out there has the answer. Jim
  3. I have by accident blocked my Microsoft Word. How do I reverse this mistake? Thanks,Jim
  4. How do I reverse having blocked my microsoft word?

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