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  1. Good evening Emsisoft team, Error is now resolved, I followed through with the looping install wizard except this time I activated trial version and ran a smart scan (No Malware) Guard functioning normaly in realtime and then I inserted my licence. All is now working , not sure what the original problem was caused by though Problem solved
  2. Good Evening Emsisoft team, I am having a little trouble installing it 1: I removed all other security products except Malwarebytes that I only use on demand. 2. I installed Emsisoft Antimalware with my licence and it updated and I chose a quick scan (no malware) 3. I then expected the Realtime Protection to activate and show icon in tray but no show 4. I then restarted the pc in the expectation that it may need the drivers activated after a reboot, but no protection module working so I manualy started the program and It starts the install wizard again? 5. I uninstalled and rebooted then downloaded the emsiclean.exe from here and ran that (I have log) 6.Tried reinstalling after emsiclean reboot and still not working. I have a screenshot of the error on installing and the emsiclean log I will attach Thankyou for your help EmsiClean_2014.02.10_02.02.43.txt
  3. Thankyou catprincess Is that an area that needs protection , Or are there other areas of Online armour that cover you , and if there isn't what would be the best way to protect from ARP poisoning, Is it an issue one should concern themselves over? Thanks for your reply nzcoaster
  4. Hi there When you have spare moment can you explain where or if Oneline Armour protects against ARP spoofing or ARP cache poisoning or ARP poison routing and if it detects attack how it could let you know ? Thankyou for your time
  5. Thakyou for replying Yes I had set to not trust all the computers on the network except to my router gateway and the firewall status window would except the settings on all pcs including the one, untill a reboot then the status would show as allowed and anoy the hang out of me ( i have up to 6 pcs or networked devices connecting to my router and any one time) I have done a new win 7 install as of yesterday and havent yet put Emsisoft Internet Security back on yet One thing I had noticed that one of the users of my pc each with there own account had hidden was a remote desktop connection and I had done some snooping around the household pcs and I disabled ssdp service on my sons xp machine and remote desktop support I think he had been trying something out as he likes to try experiment. On my Fresh install of Win 7 and setting up and restoring others user accounts I have ssdp service started and my other users have admin accounts also (not wise I know) I am going to make sure all there programs work then set all other users to standard accounts so they cannot poke around to much with Online Armour and Emsisoft Antimalware and if I need to once I test it all out with Fresh install of Emsisoft I may need to disable ssdp service on my machine Sorry if this sounds confusing, I hope to have it sorted soon ,I'm also probably going to disable netbios in the adapter settings as I like to keep this main machine secure as i can whilst retainging functionality. I can use usb to transfer if needed to give or recieve files Regards nzcoaster
  6. I have just discovered SSDP Service Discovery enabled and through firewall log could see it trying to connect to my sons pc through I have disabled SSDP service andthat in turn disables UPNP so I think I have found out where its coming from but I am left wondering what and why SSDP was allowing online armour to accept as allowed allways UDP 5355 and port 138 was trying to get to the same ip address. Sorry if this isnt the right way to amend my original post
  7. Hi support people, I am having a problem with online armour in its firewall settings The problem is that Online Armour automatically allows a connection to a specific pc on my network and if I distrust it it will allways come back as allowed on next reboot or the someother time I like to have all other computers on my network in a distrust or non allowed setting and Online Armour correctly leaves other computers in an unapproved state or yellow. I Run windows 7sp1 all updated and have run deep scan ( no malware) Why does it auto trust allow this network against my settings I have remote desktop turned off I have turned of Ipv6 and turned of file and printer sharing so my network adapter only shows OA and ipv4. The connection that is allowed is going to my sons pc through a wireless connection which has hamachi on it skype and is running XP sp3 with avast free and standard windows firewall In My Router settings I have all connected devices on fix or reserved ip addresses my sons pc fixed on I even changed my router Access ip address but nothing I can do seems to keep his ip adress from being not allowed or distrusted Any help is appreciated
  8. Thanks Appreciate your knowledge on the matter. Cheers
  9. Thankyou, I had thought as well just neeeded some assurance Cheers
  10. Hello I am just curious as to what the /d=60 means and should it be there I found it out through looking at hijackfree program "c:\program files (x86)\emsisoft anti-malware\a2guard.exe" /d=60 Thankyou to anyone who can shed some light on this Kind Regards nzcoaster
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