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  1. I did reboot twice but then I upgraded Wondered why. Now I uninstalled, rebooted twice and installed. And behold! No more oasrv.exe going bazooka! I also noticed that OA at whole has been changed (different UI), so there must been something wrong with the upgrade. I still see some oasrv.exe activity, up to 10-20% for few seconds, but I think this is accurate and normal. I will post again if problem arises but if not, then I bow and thank you for help!
  2. Firewall logging is set to "Blocked events". I tried to disable it completely, but no help. I also monitored my resources during google searches when oasrv.exe goes crazy. Problem seems to be worst when there are lots of pictures which google shows by default. My disk will start spinning, probably doing firefox caching for files. However, disk usage will go down but oasrv continues to be at max quite a long time (~30 seconds) after it. If I do lots of picture heavy google queries problem seems to vanish little by little. If first query makes oasrv go crazy for minute, 10th query makes it go
  3. No luck Updated OA to Added OA to all Avast! shields as excluded. Problem happens again and is worse after update. Now simple google search will make oasrv.exe go crazy for few minutes. It also seems that before net was very sluggish when oasrv.exe was at 50% cpu. Now it doesn't work at all, all pages that I try to open when oasrv.exe is crazy will cause error. I also find out that problem happens even you have disabled all Avast shields, so Avast shouldn't be the problem. I also disabled Truecrypt, Messenger and Dropbox (programs that are open all the time) but it didn't help.
  4. First thing I did was trying to update but OA doesn't find any new versions. Now I know that there are newer versions, I'll update OA manually. Thanks for the tip to exclude separately OA from all Avast shields, I didn't do that. I'll post if things are ok after update and excluding. Thank you again
  5. I've noticed in a week or so that my internet connection was very sluggish. When previously page loaded in few seconds, now it took 10-30 seconds and usually pictures in the site showed one by one slowly. About 30% of the pages just gave me error (could not find address) until I refreshed them. I assumed that problem is in connection or modem, but then I found out that oasrv.exe was hogging 50% CPU. When I close OA, my browsing is totally high speed again. What I have found out so far: - Happens with both Firefox (9.0 Beta) and Internet Explorer 9 (9.0.8112.16421) - I have updated firefox l
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