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    Spiritual and Computers Automation Scripts, Microsoft likes to add lots of annoying pop up windows that are pointless, I like to get rid of them.
  1. OH BTW If your wondering what the PINGS are for, it is to actively make sure some traffic is sent on the network which changes the memory use of OA. Michelle
  2. Dear Forum Veteran, Yes in fact I have tried several versions I am however now using the latest version Re-installed yesterday, this is very strange it has something to do with how OA interfaces with my network adapter, as when the CPU goes high usage, nothing will connect to the Internet like my Network stack is locked out, mirc for example cannot connect, and over the last 1 year (Yes VERY long term problem) I have written a very elaborate batch file perhaps it will help you assist me if I share this with you ? Basically it checks to make sure C:\Program Files\Emsisoft\Online Armor\oasrv.e
  3. Dear Support, I have observed a long term problem with Online Armor's HIPS feature on my server PC, it eats all the CPU cycles and I set-up a batch file to check the status of the program and reboot the PC via a chkdsk on the reboot which fixes what ever the problem is. I suspect Online Armor is not able to finish writing a file during a former pre-scheduled shut-down which is on a time schedule each day. I need a solution OR a way to reduce the CPU priority to below normal on OA to enable my Batch file to run properly to reboot, (as when this situation occurs everything on the PC stalls out
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