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  1. When activated, Online Armor now makes everything under the Windows "Control Panel" menu disappear (Win 7 x64, SP1). Also, desktop shortcuts to Internet Explorer and Network Sharing Center do not function. If I toggle OA off, everything works. I have uninstalled, cleansed system, and reinstalled OA but same issue. Any ideas?
  2. Am running Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Online Armor on Win7 64-bit machine. OA runs fine but AM is a different story...Had to update due to hosts/saving configuration bug; now am getting slowdowns/freezes on "launch"...but wait, there's more! 1. AM takes forever to initialize...like sometimes more than a minute! I can click the program icon, watch the hourglass blink on then disappear after a few seconds....then anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute later the AM screen appears. This didn't happen before. I have tested all the different startup configurations (guards enabled/disabled, etc.)...no
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