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  1. When activated, Online Armor now makes everything under the Windows "Control Panel" menu disappear (Win 7 x64, SP1). Also, desktop shortcuts to Internet Explorer and Network Sharing Center do not function. If I toggle OA off, everything works. I have uninstalled, cleansed system, and reinstalled OA but same issue. Any ideas?
  2. Am running Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Online Armor on Win7 64-bit machine. OA runs fine but AM is a different story...Had to update due to hosts/saving configuration bug; now am getting slowdowns/freezes on "launch"...but wait, there's more! 1. AM takes forever to initialize...like sometimes more than a minute! I can click the program icon, watch the hourglass blink on then disappear after a few seconds....then anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute later the AM screen appears. This didn't happen before. I have tested all the different startup configurations (guards enabled/disabled, etc.)...no joy. 2. WAC messages as some have posted....tried WAC settings, etc. but WAC still identifies AM as off when it (finally) is on. 3. AM should not depend on any of its components or guards having to be loaded at startup to run properly (unless user chooses to start it at boottime). This software should be capable of launching immediately upon clicking its desktop icon at the same configuration it was when it was last terminated. (This used to be a non-issue but is now with this version.) 4. Many times at guard shutdown, after entering the image code, it appears the program shuts down but the icon stays in the taskbar with 3 items on its pop-up menu: "Emsisoft Anti-Malware", "Pin this Ptogram to Taskbar" and "Close Window"... of course, clicking "Close Window" does nothing. This does not happen all the time, but enough to be bothersome. Does not matter if "Enable Captcha Protection on Program Shutdown" is checked or unchecked, it still happens from time to time. 4. Why are us registered users forced to go thru a basic setup, scan, re-entering of registration info, etc. at each software update? Wouldn't it make sense for the routine to just update the program files, automatically finding the registration info, and let us know the update is completed? Then we users could determine when and if we wanted to scan our computer? I ran this software through the 30-day trial to check it out prior to purchasing and didn't experience these issues (save the occasional taskbar icon issue described above) but lately it seems like a lot of bugs creep in... I appreciate any assistance and/or development feedback you can give us...!
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