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  1. Currently, I have a " 3-Pack " license for OA which was renewed on 08-12-14 and expires on 09-10-2017. How do I go about getting it converted to the EIS product , in as much as OA is not supported any longer. ray
  2. Did a Google search for nt_oanetmp and got -2- that might shed some light on what's happening. The links are shown below.... http://www.treiber.d...geraet/3082497/ http://www.driverhive.com/driverdetails.aspx?m=TLEM&d=OnlineArmor+Miniport thinman
  3. Thanks for the response....just e-mailed sales. ray
  4. Have -2- licenses; one expiring in 12-2011 and the other in 05-2012. Am interested in a 3rd license and would prefer to have them all renew on the same date. If I don't renew the 12-2011 license, does it drop to a "free" version and no license assigned to the product currently being used or does it stay as a "paid" version, absent any renewals/updates but retaining an inactive license key assigned to it ? If the latter, it would make more sense to upgrade to the 3-pack license when the 05-2012 license comes up for renewal.
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