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  1. I am not an active forum member although I have successfully used the Emsisoft Ant Malware and Online Armor products for a number of years. Never had any problems. Everything worked so well in the background and I never had an issue with computer infection either. Now I hear that Online Armor is no longer going to be available after March 2016. What are my options for maintaining the same level of protection? Is the Emsisoft Internet Security comparable? Do I need to uninstall my two products before I buy the Internet Security? Is the initial installation of the Internet Security program difficult to do? I am not a computer geek. Just your basic fairly comfortable user. The gentleman who built and set up my computer recommended this and went ahead and installed everything initially. All I have been doing is the yearly renewals. I think that was in 2011. Just want to prepare for how I should handle upcoming renewals in early November. I did try reading through some of the posts but they are a bit out of my league of understanding at times....or maybe I am not reading the correct ones. As I said I am not a forum user so I don't know my way around here at all. If this has already been answered somewhere I would be happy to read what has already been posted elsewhere. I just couldn't seem to locate it. Elle
  2. Thank you - I found it just in case. I have no idea why a screen popped up asking me to activate Windows within 4 days. It may not even be related to this issues. Question: Another pop up entered with an option to .put to allow a program (a different one) in install mode. Is the Install Mode just for the program on that particular pop up?
  3. How do I unblock something that I blocked on Online Armor? I am afraid that I blocked Windows Installer and that Windows is going to deactivate off my computer. Can this actually happen? Why would a firewall program block Windows? Can someone help me? I mentioned this in the other topic I had started a few days ago but thought I would start a new topic - I apologize for any duplication. I found the history section in the Online Armor Screen and the place where it was blocked. There are three red colored lines but I don't know how to unblock them. And actually only one will let me copy it to clipboard. Created: 11/29/2011 7:04:18 PM Summary: Autorun detected: w_1^VW!!!!!!!!!MKKSkCAGFiles>[8GS]1y6g?~-BFo1MWLR Description: w_1^VW!!!!!!!!!MKKSkCAGFiles>[8GS]1y6g?~-BFo1MWLR Event type: Autorun(10) Event action: Blocked(3)
  4. I did try to look for information but it did not have anything available. So I blocked it. Now I think I blocked the Windows Installer and I think that Windows is going to uninstall from my computer in 4 days because I don't have the product key as it came pre loaded with this new computer that I just had set up less than 2 weeks ago. A screen came up asking me to enter the product key. Would blocking one of these autoruns take Windows off my computer? Everything is a high holy mess. I am sitting here in tears because I have NO CLUE what I did or what to do. Cam someone please help me?
  5. Maybe that is why I did not get an answer to my question yet. I must have sent it to the wrong address?
  6. I am not certain which block to check . This is a large white screen unlike the ones that appeared as pop ups which had an orange color. At the top it asks "Online Armor has blocked one or more programs. Please decide if these programs should be allowed or blocked in the future." There is no place to check remember my decision on this screen. The options for checking are: Allow, Trust, Block, Delete, or Run Safer. I have just been letting it sit there and nothing seems amiss at this point. However, should I check the wrong block I will then have placed this issue at yet another layer of extraction for something I potentially need or jeopardized my system with a malevolent entity. What would happen if I checked the Run Safer block?
  7. Will this do anything to the computer if I just let it sit there? I am afraid to do anything with it until I am sure what it is.
  8. I did read this but couldn't seem to negotiate the system. When something is new I get a little nervous! I will definitely try that next time.
  9. You can post questions on this forum or email them @this email - i had difficulty finding the support function as well. So far the people her on this forum have been a great help.
  10. Thank you - I wasn't sure if that''s what I should do or if the copy to clipboard would actually pick up the necessary information. Just as a historical factor, earlier in the day I had installed Micro soft Office 2007 Suite . I had to uncheck the Program Guard during the procedure. This is a brand new computer - 64 bit. I have Windows 7. I am not sure sure that this is the issue but it might be. After a successful installation, I tried to arrange Microsoft Word as the default instead of the pre installed system but have had some difficulty. I am still working on it. When the Blocked Program from Online Armor appeared, I wondered if it could have something to do with the Microsoft Word installation. I went to the list of All Programs, clicked on Microsoft Word and did a Program Compatibility troubleshoot via the windows prompts that popped up. Results arrived at a screen that said I have an incompatible application (I think). I can't seem to duplicate this exact procedure so this is what I remember but it may have been slightly different. Don't know why I can't do that again. I can open documents , save them to the library and print using this program - if it was blocked would I be able to perform those functions? Here is the clipboard information: MSIC6E6.tmp,, ( C:\Windows\Installer\MSIC6E6.tmp Hash(MD5): 3D8F1F56616BEA9924717456223E1379
  11. I have a message on my computer that is stating Online Armor blocked a program and is asking me what to do with it. If I don't know what it is how can I decide? When I right click it appears to be some sort of Windows installer program. What should I do with this?
  12. Thank you. That worked very well. Now I need to figure out how to configure it as the default instead of what the computer came pre-loaded with. It's coming along now. The biggest hurdle is taken care of. I imagine that I might need to do that each time I install something on this computer as long as this protection is running? Many thanks again.
  13. Wow - didn't even know that was there. Will give it a try and thanks so much for your response. I am pulling out my hair over this.
  14. Having great difficulty installing Microsoft Word Suite with Word, One Note, Power Point, Excel, etc. I keep getting the pop up window asking me to trust/allow/investigate/block (I am calling it TAIB). I cannot understand what I am doing wrong? Those endless repetitive pop up windows that don't seem to understand that I checked Allow 50 times? What is with this? How do I shut Online Armor/firewall.virus protection/etc. down while I try to install this program suite? Windows 7 64 bit Brand new computer - nothing else has been installed previously Also - am I supposed to manually load my HitManPRo activation key # on my computer? Someone installed this for me and I am clueless about how it all works. I have used other programs before but not this one.
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