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  1. Try with google chrome 18 [stable version].
  2. Yes it worked, thank you ery much dude! =3
  3. WTF... where is my online armor key? Just checked my user area on online armor and could not find it anywhere... i bought the antimalware+oa bundle and it should be there... but since the last update it vanished and i can't update my software somehow... =[ Please i need urgent help.
  4. Thank you for your time sir, i really care about other users personal experiences... But as you stated... you have to RESTART ad-muncher in order for it work "properly". Well... i'm looking forward into it fabian...
  5. Why thank you.... i'm waiting for a Employee response as well... After many updates, yes... 60 days and counting... not yet fixed...
  6. This is not a good sollution... as it makes US do the work of knowing all programs with ads and add it to the exclusion list... i mean... ad muncher is a great ad blocker because it do not ONLY blocks ads from browsers, but from all programs that have ads on it.
  7. The problem with this sollution is... it will only work for google chrome... hence making ad muncher worthless as the program blocks ads over any kind of software... i need a better sollution.
  8. Could you tell me how to do that so? I'm trusting you!!! xD
  9. Wouldn't that be reckless? I mean... that's insane... why would i turn off protection to a browser?
  10. Well this is one thing i want to question here... without any security software ad muncher will work asap... with no conflicts.... but with anti-malware+online armor, everytime i restart my computer i need to restart ad muncher in order to it do what it is supposed to do: Block ads. Why that? Please forward this to the online armor section too, since i dont know exactly if the problem is with anti-malware, with online armor or both. Also, I want to notificate that i'm using Google Chrome as web browser, and have not tested it on any other browser. I'll be waiting for some feedback.
  11. I too got this issue... one thing I noticed... it only happens when my auto-update feature is set to check on a hourly period... if make it only check once a day it will work without problems....
  12. Weird... I didn't need to do this... I just restarted the PC and it blew that notification out xD Weird bug is weird. Anyways... thank you!!!
  13. I'm receiving this awful windows notification: What should I do? I just formated and updated my system, so it should not be a problem on the OS, right? P.S: This notification is regarding not found a antivirus solution installed which i currently have: Can anyone help me?