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  1. I'm giving up on Online Armor. The update button on the UI doesn't work. It send out seemingly infinite pop-ups about the exact. same. program. that I've allowed in every single pop-up before. Now it won't start on start up and slows my windows start up to a dead halt. I have to end the processes through task manager. I'm simply sick of this. It seems to be impossible to design a firewall that will just limit itself to start on start up, block unwanted connections and whenever I say a certain application is allowed, to allow it. I should know thanks to the ammount of firewalls I've tried so fa
  2. I don't have SP1 because my Windows Updater somehow doesn't find it when I make it search for updates, and it's hard to manually download it since it's an almost 1GB download through wi-fi. Anyway I'll try to download it. I have excluded avast from OA and so far it seems to work. I can't find any option to set avogadro as an installer. Oh and OA doesn't seem to update either. I click on "update now", it tells me it's updating, then it's not, then it is again, then it's not, and so forth.
  3. Of course, sorry I didn't do so initially: I'm using Online Armor Free Edition version My OS is Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit version, no service pack. I'm also using avast! anti-virus, Super Anti Spyware and CCleaner. I have problems with avast! and Core Temp mostly, because those are the programs that OA still prompts me about even though I have clicked on all those 3 seemingly identical options numerous times, but basically with anything that tries to initiate for the first time will make OA prompt, again even if all 3 boxes are checked. What is the difference between "remembe
  4. I've gone through 3 firewalls just in the last 4 months. Zonealarm froze my computer, Comodo rebooted it. So far, Online armor seemed to work well. Until I try to install something. I'm a biochemistry student, and I need to work with some molecule drawers, so I downloaded Avogadro to try instead of ChemSketch and wow... I got at least 10 pop-up windows, and I'm pretty sure I got more, but at a certain point I gave up and shut down OA. In ALL I ticked "installation mode", "trust this program" and "remember my decision". First of all it's completely useless to have all these 3 synonimous option
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