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  1. 4 months later and a new machine, but once again having a very similar problem. I now have a Core i7 running Windows 7, 64-bit, with OA++ In the last couple of weeks, I noticed web browsing becoming sluggish. At first I though it might be a network issue, but after viewing Windows Task manager during page loads, I noticed OAsrv.exe is once again seemingly working very hard during each HTTP GEt request. With the newer hardware, the CPU % utilization peeks at 13%, as opposed to 50, which I believe is a result of more cores in the CPU. Regardless, this is very noticeable and at t
  2. I decided to go the route of uninstalling OA, rebooting twice (I rebooted thrice for good measure) and reinstalling the latest version. Although the reinstall was not as smooth as I would have liked and despite the fact I had to manually start OA upon the initial restart after the reinstall, this seems to have resolved the problem thus far. Thanks Cat (et al.) for your help, and I really hope issues like this can be resolved in future updates.
  3. To answer Cat's question, this has not always been a problem, at least as much as my observation tells me. However, I also cannot pinpoint the exact date when the problem started occurring. Stapp, I rarely use IE, except for testing, but will run it and Firefox in safe node to see how OA behaves. Additional Info regarding my OA configuration: WebShield is turned off (well, supposedly anyway) I made an additional observation this morning. I had OA running and the Task Manager open to observe OAsrv.exe utilization when loading web pages in Firefox. Each time upon loading a page, OAsrv.exe
  4. I am having the same problem as pahuttun, where casual browsing (Firefox 8.0) causes OAsrv.exe to utilize 50% CPU and essentially brings page loads to a halt, and closing OA resolves the problem. I am using OA++, with no additional anti-virus or other security type programs on my local machine. This is additionally frustrating for me, as our company purchased OA++ on my recommendation.
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