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  1. Hi Marcus and Online Armor, it seems that I have the exact same problem. That is I have no problem until I install Online armor free, then the computer boots into XP, and there is a 2minute delay while nothing can be done. Like a computer freeze. Then online armor appears. So I uninstall Online armor. Still happens. Funny thing is, I run online armor on 3 different computers, and it doesn't happen - just on this computer. Any help you can give is much appreciated - and Marcus, I assume you never fixed your problem? thanks.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I just checked the programs, and there was one outstanding which resembled the auto run - which was allowed, but not trusted. I marked it as trusted, cranked up word and so far, no autorun messages. Thankyou for your assistance, guess this was my rookie skills at online armor showing themselves. Fingers crossed it doesnt resurface...
  3. Hello Emsisoft, firstly, thankyou for such a great product, I recently switched from Zone Alarm, and Online Armor free is light years ahead. Ok - so I have noticed a repeat message that seems to be connected to Microsoft Word 7 Starter. After windows loads, or when Word is started, there are sometimes 10-30 popups from Online Armor stating "Autorun detected". These keep popping up, and it does not matter if I allow, block or remember the decision - they keep popping up until I click through them all. I assume this means each time it runs, it changes itself a little bit which is prompting O
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