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  1. thanks awfully for all your help and attention Lynx, it's much appreciated. I'll need to find some time to come back to this in the future, right now I have NONE :S But if I need any more help with it I'll come back and give you a shout. Cheers!
  2. Ok, do you mean as regards the OS, or as regards A2? So my OS is XP SP3. I know how to change the location of My Docs by right-clicking on the My Docs link on the Start menu, but I don't think I want to do that... Do I?... Are you thinking of another method? Cheers for help and patience chaps, much appreciated. Using Windows Firewall and Avast! free, as your posting rules suggest I tell you
  3. Seriously, as simple as that?? Yup it works. Aren't I a chump! See I just tried the caveman approach, delete, destroy, begone! But of course it kept respawning. Didn't think of just moving it, assumed it'd respawn again in the same place unless I told A2 about the move somehow, but it doesn't seem to be coming back. See, knew it'd be simple, hence not bothering with much system info Cheers-very-much-ta!
  4. How do I get rid of this annoying folder? I don't think I'll even need to save any scansets or reports, but if I do, I want to save them somewhere else. I like My Documents tidy and bloomin A2 is messin with my tidy-mojo! Hope there's an answer, cheers all!