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  1. Uff - sorry Siketa - now I remember Just want to inform people for which the problem is gone now. Please don't take it personal - as I wrote some posts above - our developers are working to solve the issue with 6.x.52 as soon as possible. I will let you know!
  2. Hello, just to let you know ==> http://changeblog.emsisoft.com/2011/12/30/emsisoft-anti-malware-6-0-0-52-released/
  3. Hallo, nur zwecks Vollständigkeit ==> http://changeblog.emsisoft.com/2011/12/30/emsisoft-anti-malware-6-0-0-52-released/
  4. Hello Jaycee, just wanted to know if you have received my email ?
  5. Hallo Sacharja, wenn du das Hauptfenster von EAM öffnest und anschließend auf der linken Seite "Protokoll" auswählst, kannst du im sich öffnenden Fenster den Tab "Update" auswählen. Jetzt solltest du jetzt den Verlauf der letzten Updates einsehen können. In der Spalte "Typ" siehst du jeweils ob das Update automatisch oder manuell durchgeführt wurde. Hier kannst du auch mit einem Klick auf den Button "Details" noch mehr Informationen zum ausgewählten Update anzeigen lassen. Könntest du bitte auf den Button "Export" klicken und die resultierende Datei hier im Forum uploaden ? (Du kannst
  6. Hallo Tunduru, es freut mich zu hören dass du die Ursache deines Problems scheinbar gefunden hast. Trotzdem irgendwie sehr seltsam dass sich diese beiden Dinge beeinflussen. Solltest du weitere Hilfe gebrauchen können, kannst du ja gerne immer noch auf mein Angebot mit den DebugView-Logs zurückkommen.
  7. Hello dallas7, I'am sorry to have to tell you, that there is no other way - as there be excluding the folder or disabling the program guard - to get rid of the popups appearing because of the behavior of these tmp-files.
  8. Hello ascendancy05, sorry for the late answer. My first suggestion would have been that you try to use the Emsisoft Cleaning Tool - but I see you already tried this without success. May it would be possible for you to provide us with some DebugView log files ? I hope we are able to see what is going on here with the help of the log files and find a solution for you as quick as possible. If yes please go to http://technet.micro...s/bb896647.aspx and download DebugView. Run DebugView and start reproducing the problem. If finished please save the log file and send it to me over PM. (You ca
  9. Hallo Tunduru, natürlich ist es grundsätzlich möglich mehrere Anti-Malware Programme nebenbei am Laufen zu haben. Empfohlen wird es von uns jedoch nicht, da es immer wieder zu Problemen kommen kann. Unter anderem zählen dazu auch Performance-Verluste des Systems. Falls du es noch nicht erledigt hast, solltest du auf jeden Fall alle Prozesse von Avast 6.0 als Ausnahme in der EAM-Whitelist hinzufügen. Du kannst das erledigen indem du im Hauptfenster von EAM auf der linken Seite "Wächter" auswählst, dann den Tab "Dateiwächter" wählst und anschließend auf den unterstrichenen Text "Ausnahmen
  10. Hello woodsman, it is possible that the file you have found is a root kit. if you want you can provide us with a quarantine list - so we can let our removal specialists have a look on it. You can do it by opening the EAM main window, choose Quarantine on the left side, and save the quarantine file by clicking on the text "Save quarantine list" in the lower right corner. You can send this file over PM to me or just add it here in the forum by choosing the "More Reply Options" button in the lower right corner. It could also be good to clear the java cache. Maybe also the FileHippo Update Ch
  11. Hello mahdi27, the bi.dll seems to be a risky file because it's using your browser like a trojan horse would do. Read about the bi.dll here -> http://www.file.net/prozess/bi.dll.html and trojan horses here -> http://www.emsisoft.com/en/malware/?Trojan.Win32.Agent.AMN . Which program is forcing the error window "MM Operation after uninstall" ? May be there are some additional files quarantined on your computer already ? Please would you right click on the shield from EAM and choose "Security Status". Then on the left side please open "Quarantine" and save the list by choose to "Save
  12. Hello Nick, thank you for your commitment! Good to hear it's working again. If the problem should appear again, we are locking forward to assist you.
  13. Hello Jaycee3000, we want to find a good solution for you. Your developers was working to reproduce this issue to find a solution but had no luck yet. It would be very nice if you could provide us with DebugView logs covering the situation to speed things a little bit up. It is possible that they are helpful. If yes please go to http://technet.micro...s/bb896647.aspx and download DebugView. Run DebugView and try to reproduce the situation. Please save the DebugView log then and attach it here to the post. (You can use the "More Reply Options" button to be able to attach files.)
  14. Hello Siketa, sorry for the late response. Sad to hear, you also encounter this problem with version Our developers are working to solve the problem. Hope I have good news for you soon. Thanks for your patience!
  15. Hello minegroasprilla, yes, EAM has antivirus. You can read more here -> http://www.emsisoft.com/en/software/antimalware/ If you have further questions, we are happy to help you!
  16. Hello woodsman, can you please download this tool from here: http://tmp.emsisoft....w/emsiclean.exe The purpose should be to find out if there maybe is a leftover from your first EAM installation. (Please try it in Win 7 and Virtual-XP mode if possible - but be careful you don't need to delete something with this tool - just start it and then close it again as described in the next few lines - we just need the log file which will be created) Please run it, carefully read the disclaimer and accept it in case you agree. You should then see a list of entries the tool found on your system. A
  17. Hello francois, just think on excluding OA in EAM and also vice versa - then it will run fine. If you should have other anti-malware software whit background guards, it would be better to deinstall these programs, otherwise it can lead to problems. Hope this helps. If you should need further assistance, please just ask again.
  18. Hello adealey, the problem in your case is, that OA++ is not available anymore since 1st of Jan 2012. You can convert your license without any additional costs to a license for the Emsisoft Internet Security Pack. Please send your key to support (AT) emsisoft (DOT) com and ask for conversion. Sorry for the circumstances again.
  19. Hello adealey, I'am sorry to hear that you encounter similar problems for the second time. I have just tried to reproduce the problem you experience with Win7 x86 and the latest Firefox with the NoScript extension. "Unfortunately" it worked for me to view the shopping cart without problems. I will try to find a solution for your problem with my colleagues and report you as soon as possible. How much time is left till your license will be expired ? Do you have Windows 7 32 bit or the 64 bit version ?
  20. Hello Steve1209, good to hear it is working again. Please just reply if you need further help.
  21. Hello Mr.H, sorry for the late response. May you can tell me which version of EAM you are using at the moment ? Do you know if the adware was blocked before ? Maybe something noteworthy happens the same time ? (I hope you really mean EAM cause a2 is what EAM used to be called some time ago. The name changed in May 2010 with the release of EAM 5 )
  22. Hello alberto97, sorry for the late response. Can you please look inside your Emsisoft Anti-Malware directory for debug logs (they have the extension ELF). If you find such files please ZIP them and send them via PM to me. Thanks for patience.
  23. Hallo murkelei, könntest du bitte Fiddler dazu verwenden um den web traffic vom EEK mitzuschneiden ? Auf diese Weise sehen wir ob sich dein EEK zum Internet verbindet und was genau es dabei macht. Hier kannst du das Programm "FiddlerCap" laden. Das Programm ist sehr einfach zu bedienen. Es gibt drei Buttons für 1) Capture starten 2) Capture Stoppen und 3) das Capture speichern. Bevor du den traffic mitschneiden kannst, musst du noch im EEK die Verbindungseinstellungen ändern und einen Proxy einstellen. Also bitte beim EEK wieder auf "Update Einstellung" gehen und dann rechts unten bitte
  24. Hello tech4tech, thanks for your post. If you want to help, you can attach the mini dump to a email and send it to "support AT emsisoft DOT com".
  25. Hello LifeIncome, sorry for the late response. Have you already tied to reinstall by downloading a new copy of the software ? Please remove the program with help of the windows control panel. Then reboot twice (to remove all drivers) and reinstall the newly downloaded version of the software. If this won't work, please can you provide us with a little bit more information as described in ---> http://support.emsisoft.com/forum-52/announcement-11-information-to-include-in-your-support-requests/
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