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  1. Hello Jaycee3000, sorry for the late response and thanks for your message. Unfortunately I can't help you directly but I will gather the information you need, and write you back asap.
  2. Hello dallas7, Good to hear the annoying popups are gone. Our developers will check why File Shield seemingly remains active. But I have to admit, I stay a little bit confused because of your last post when you was writing: I thought the problem is that File Shield seemingly remains active now ? So there is still another problem with LockNote ? One way to give privileges to the LockNote.exe file would be to got to "Programs" and right-click on the file LockNote.exe. Then go to "Advanced Options" and choose "Installer" on the top of the window. This would enable LockNote.exe to gene
  3. Hello vavidiso_73, EAM and OA should work correctly in combination with Microsoft Security Essentials. As I could say there are no knows issues regarding Panda and Webroot Internet Security. At the moment there is a known issue regarding OA's Banking Mode and other anti-virus applications that use proxies for content filtering. Basically it is possible to run one anti-malware program along side another one (e.g. see running along side another anti malware). As you may know, OA and EAM together already forms a security package which fully protects your computer (-> Antivirus, Anti-Malwa
  4. Hallo murkelei, deine Version scheint zumindest die Aktuelle zu sein - auch die Anzahl der Malware Signaturen scheint zu stimmen. Kannst du mal bitte versuchen noch einmal ein Update zu machen, und danach die Anzahl der Signaturen vergleichen ? Interessant wäre ob sich die Anzahl ändert. Hast du schon einmal versucht die alte Version zu löschen und eine komplett neue Kopie des Programms zu laden ? -> http://www.emsisoft.de/de/software/eek/
  5. Hello woodsman, sorry for the late response. Did you have EAM already installed on your computer before the problem with installing appears ?
  6. Hallo murkelei, könntest du vielleicht einmal im Emergency Kit Hauptfenster unter dem Punkt "Sicherheitsstatus" nachsehen, was dort bei "Letztes Update", "Version" und "Malware Signaturen" steht ? Außerdem bitte im gleichen Fenster unter "Jetzt Updaten" auf "Update Optionen" klicken und nachsehen welche Optionen hier ausgewählt sind.
  7. Hello dallas7, I misunderstood your explanation about the directory "E:/TempUser1". I thought "TempUser1" is just used by "LockNote" for the log files on your system. So you already managed to eliminate the File Shield popups ? Regarding to the question why File Shield is still running when the checkbox is unchecked: Would it be possible for you to create a set of debug logs covering the problem and send them per pm to me ? (http://support.emsis...mor-debug-logs/)
  8. Hello Damian, please can you try to do the following steps for solving the problem: 1) Uninstall Emsisoft Anti-Malware from the Control panel. 2) Reboot twice (for removing all drivers). 3) Download fresh copy of Emsisoft Anti-malware and install. 4) Set up license. If you are using Online Armor too you can check, if Emsisoft Anti-Malware is excluded in Online Armor. If not, you can do this by go to Online Armor > Options > Exclusions and add the Emsisoft Anti-Malware installation folder. Reboot and try to enable Behavior Blocker and Surf Protection.
  9. Hello Dallas7, can you try to configure the folder represented by "E:\TempUser1\" as Path to exclude in Options Exclusions ? Please give feedback if this helps.
  10. Hello wunay, OA is the Firewall and antivirus is a part of the EAM - if this answers your question ?
  11. Hello cilaslexx. The Emsisoft Internet Security Pack consists of the products Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Emsisoft Online Armor Firewall. It represents the perfect alternative to classic Internet Security Suites because it protects your computer from Antivirus, Anti-Malware (EAM) and Firewall (OA). Typically, it's not a good idea to run two different security products at the same time on the same machine because this would lead to conflicts. I would advise to deinstall all the security software and testing Emsisoft Internet Security Pack when it is not disturbed from 3th party security softw
  12. I am happy that I could help - I wish you a merry Christmas too.
  13. You can choose your language in the upper right corner of the site. -> this link should be for the english site, sry -> http://www.emsisoft....re/antimalware/ (In the program itself you can choose the language for the software separately in the option menu -> Generals)
  14. Hello Jude, You are right, the 8th anniversary promo is over now. It was just for 8 days.
  15. Hello XcntrK, you can download EAM from this site -> http://www.emsisoft.de/de/software/antimalware/ (Here you can find a product overview)
  16. Hello Jorg. I have received the log file. Thanks. We will have a look on it. I will inform you if I have more information.
  17. Hello Jorg, when I asked you for help by providing the log file I forgot to tell you that the checkbox "Intercept loopback interface" shouldn't be checked when logging. (Options -> Firewall) May you want to give it a second try and send me the files per PM ? Please check if there maybe is a program/firewall rule created which prevents the helper from starting. The next step could be to create Online Armor debug logs. You can also send the result per PM to me. (Here you can find out how to enable/disable debug logs)
  18. Hello bjkeefe, thanks for the info. Just to get it right - your issue is resolved now ? You just wanted to inform us that you have experienced the same issue, right ?
  19. Hello rubised, right-click on the Emsisoft Anti-Malware symbol in the task bar. Then click "Security Status" and wait till the EAM main window pops up. Go to "Configuration" and you should see the option to chose the language on the bottom of the window. (You can also post your question at the "French Support" if it is easier for you)
  20. Hello Jorg, thanks for the log file. I had a look at it but can't find an evidence that online armor is blocking something. I will try to find out more about what could be the problem. If you are sure that your system is not infected, may you want to give it a try and start the HelpLibAgent.exe one time, when Online Armor is in Learning Mode. In Learning Mode, Online Armor monitors all programs to see how they behave and automatically creates rules to allow these behaviors. (Don't forget to immediately turn Learning Mode off when you have finished the test!)
  21. Hello vavidiso_73, if you want to know if you can run EAM 6.0 and OA 5.1 on the same computer, then the answer would be definitely "yes". As I mentioned above - it is perfect if you are using both programs, cause OA 5.1 will be your Firewall and EAM 6.0 will be the anti-virus software. You shouldn't have problems if you running both of the programs, cause they are build exact for that purpose. But maybe one more thing - which other similar programs do you mean ? With OA and EAM together you won't need any kind of additional security software.
  22. Hello vavidiso_73, I am not sure if I get you right. What exactly do you mean with "separately installed" ? Basically EAM and OA together form a premium security package represents the perfect alternative to classic Internet Security Suites -> Antivirus, Anti-Malware (EAM) and Firewall (OA) In case they can be used separately. (The actual version numbers are 6.0 for EAM and 5.1 for OA) Please just ask again if something remains unclear because I got you wrong
  23. Hallo mattblau, der Preis von 8€ gilt leider nur für neu gekaufte "1-Jahr-Lizenzen" (nicht für Verlängerungen). Neu gekaufte Lizenzen verfallen wenn sie nicht innerhalb von 10 Monaten erstmalig verwendet werden. Dass heißt, wenn die alte Lizenz z.B. noch 2 Monate lang hält, könnte es trotzdem Sinn machen eine neue Lizenz zu kaufen (die dann nach 2 Monaten erstmalig verwendet wird). Die alte Lizenz läuft in diesem Fall jedoch ab - was bedeutet, dass entsprechende Rabatte für künftige Verlängerungen auch ablaufen. (Rabatte: 1 Jahr: 25%, 2 Jahre: 30%, 3 Jahre 35%, usw. bis 6 Jahre)
  24. Hello heruwidiyanto, please have a look at the following link(s) which are about Configuring Online Armor Firewall for P2P (respectively How to create firewall rules if you want to). You can also find a hint in the article above -> "Note: To ensure fastest P2P performance please make sure logging is turned off" Maybe it helps to solve your problem. Please give feedback.
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