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  1. Thank you, Arthur ! After rebooting the computer I followed your reccomendations, but did not find the Emsisoft malware service. However, the following message appeared: Access violation at address 0233A4A7 in module 'a2framework.dll'. Read of address 00000010. I even sent message to your support service, which was generated by Emsisoft Antimalware. The copy of General part opf this message is shown in the file attached. Thank you in advance, Best regards, Roman
  2. Dear Sirs, Emsisoft Antimalware cannot start running- the following message appears: Antimalware cannot access service application. Reboot the computer and if the problem still exist, ask support service I rebooted, no success, then I reinstalled Antimalware, but the problem still exists. In the application service (my computer, manage tool) the Code 2 of mistake for the Emsisoft Anti-Malware 6.6- Service was displayed. What shall I do ? Thank you ! Romanm
  3. Dear sir, Unfortunately, the track ball mouse is still not operating. So, probably I have problem with my hardware ? Best regards, Roman
  4. Thank you, sir, for re-opening the answer ! Please, find the log file, created by OTL with the code you wrote, What is the next step ? Thank you for your suport in advance, Best regards, Roman
  5. Dear Sir, Thank you for re-opening the topic ! As toy requested, I launched Combo-Fix, which installed the Recovery Console and then tested my PC. The following log file was created. I enclosed it. What I should do the next in order to find a reason, why the trackball does not work, while mouse via USB works ? Thank you in advance, Roman
  6. Thank you, sir, for your piece of advice ! Yesterday I was able to clean the boot sector with a help of drweb.exe from DEFO virus. Drweb found this virus amd removed it. Restart was required, Nevertheless, the trackball still does not work ! Please, find enclosed the log file of TDSSKiller - 8 threats were found -files without signatures. What I need to do as the next step ? If no viruses are found, I will go to repair office regarding the trackball. Thank you again for your support ! Roman
  7. Dear Sirs, I have been using Emsisoft antimalware for the last 3 years and fully enjoyed with your program ! I hope that you will help me. The trackball of my notebook Flybook V5 failed to respond. But when I use another mouse via USB port - this external mouse works. In order to check the notebok for viruses I loaded the latest version of Emsisoft Anti-malware and lanched it. The rootkit Virus.Boot.DefoIE2 was found. The screenshot is attached as bmp file. Then I loaded Emergency kit and followed instructions, but the rootkit was not found ! The log files are enclosed. Please, help me to solve the issue and remove the Boot virus. Thank you in advance , Best regards, Roman email address removed by moderator to avoid spamming
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