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  1. Thanks for your help and patience. I will do that.
  2. I am sorry, I was unable to send the zip file, but I have just sent you a private message with the debug results. Thank you.
  3. I am using the free version. I did not notice anything during the installation process. I installed OA on Nov 23 and according to the configuration platform the last update was on Nov 23 at 23.08. I don't remember exactly at what time I installed OA, so the last update may be the same as the installation or a few hours later.
  4. Yes, I tried to update it manually several times, but get the same message.
  5. I installed Online Armor on Nov 23 (the latest version and the program has not updated ever since due this corrupted oahlp_s.RUS file thing. I would not like to remove OA and then reinstall it, because then I would lose all my settings and would have to start teaching OA again from zero. Could you help me with this problem please? Thank you.
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