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  1. PC scanned - clean. Just to add - problem started after 1 or 2 mins after downloading - I saw error after that time, could be sooner All working okay, I'm not going to use that torrent soon, so topic can be locked. btw. Delete link what i gave in post before (can't edit) - it is illegal to share that things - even links. Legal is to search (and download) when u have bought it and you can prove it. Anyway, i think this is working like that.
  2. As i noticed from error - a2service.exe has been closed by that file. Funny thing - i can't kill that process in task manager. Not sure anyway if that process get killed or something other happened. Everything working fine, and if my PC or Emsisoft works slower - it is not visable. Delay problem is also small - 5 sec. That file i get using p2p - torrent. I think it wasyn't in torrent exactly, i mean it don't have any bad votes. So someone found easy way to send me that file (i also added a lot of trackers, so now it will be looking for a needle in a haystack). But if it was really in that file: [Link removed due to violation of our forum rules and policies] Here you have link to that torrent. I choosed to download only .mvk files: S01E08 S01E09 S01E10 S01E11 S01E12 S01E13 Online Armor, Windows Defender and Windows Firewall was working correct. Only Anti-Malware get attacked. Going to scan now full PC for sure.
  3. Hello. My Anti-Malware don't start. I tried: - few reboots - reinstall with cleaning registry* - turning Online Armor, Windows Defender and Windows Firewall off But my lovely anti-virus still don't run. * Had to clean registry - installer was seeing that Anti-Malware is installed after uninstall. Programs used to clean: CCleaner (with CCEnhancer) and Glary Utilities. It shows an error when it starts: It means: Serious problem don't let to start application. Anti-Malware can't connect with his service. Please reboot your PC and check if problem happens again. If yes - contact with support. Any ideas how to fix it? This problem happened just today. Yesterday all was okay. Edit: Problem fixed... something in one file. No idea what, but it let me to delete easly (just to trash and then clean it). Well, some malwares really suck Block anti-virus, but they let to be deleted. But really bad for Emsisoft that it allowed to be closed by some bad virus/trojan/malware or whatever it is.
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