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  1. Ok, I don't have any issues with Chrome/Sandboxie while in Standard or Advanced Mode because the problem was fixed in Online Armor 5.1 and later. I'm using vs 5.1. Thanks to your links for help reference, I discovered Avast uses WebShield HTTP proxy, which will not allow Chrome or IE to access the internet when in Banking Mode. The work-a-round was to add Avast's WebShield HTTP proxy address to Domains. Now I can connect with Chrome/Sandboxie while in Banking Mode!! I never would have figured that out on my own! Thank you Thomas for the help!!
  2. Question about Banking Mode... I have entered all the sites where sensitive info will be accessed, into the "Domains" section. Chrome is the browser I use. Chrome is used exclusively for banking and transactions - nothing else. When I try to start Chrome in Banking Mode, the page won't load - like what would be shown if you tried to connect while offline. I read about issues between OA and Chrome, but Chrome will load with no problem in Standard or Advanced Mode. I also tried to start Internet Explorer in Banking Mode with the same results. Now, that being said, while in Banking mode, I've
  3. Never mind - I found it in the right click context menu
  4. Thank you Christian - I understand how to do this now. Ok, my next question... Can I manually add programs to the Program list? I don't see mention of this in the help section. If so, how is it done? Thank you
  5. I just dumped ZA after the last update and decided to go with OA after reading Matousec's review. This issue I'm having is that I want to be able to configure OA to "ask" me whenever an app wants to start. This allows me to monitor what apps I allow or block. During the initial set-up I was given options to do this because some of the progs have "ask" in the status column. When I go to Programs, and select a prog I want to change to "ask", the "ask" button at the bottom of the window is greyed out. I have read through the entire help file and still cannot figure out how to configure this. Can
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