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  1. My license is expiring in 30 days. I received an email from you guys dated 10/1 saying all future licenses & renewals were going to be 29.99 for 3 PC's. When I click to renew my license on the program it tells me my price as a loyal customer for about 5 years is now $49.99 for 3 PC's! And if I go to your site directly like if I was going to be a brand new Emsisoft customer it tells me my price is $29.99. [UPDATE] I miss read the email it's $29.99 per PC & blew my chance to renew at a lower price since I miss read the email. If I only want to use Emsisoft on 1 PC how do I b
  2. Thanks. Just ran a scan on my Windows 7 Pro x64 & it's definitely fixed!
  3. Is this fix only with a beta version or signature file? If yes I'll wait till it's officially released.
  4. Thanks for the update. Will wait patiently since I just renewed my license & I'm heading into my 5th year.
  5. Is there a timetable for this fix? I haven't scan my Win 10 x64 laptop lately so & I'm only experiencing this issue on my Windows 7 x64 desktop. Thanks.
  6. Good to know. I've been experience this issue also. But didn't know it was a Window 7 issue since I haven't run a scan lately on my Window 10 laptop.
  7. I'm currently using Firefox 43.0.4 & Thunderbird 38.5.1 & I'm not experiencing any issues. Also I have not added the Mozilla services mentioned above to my EAM exemptions. Hang in there.
  8. Good to know. Although it's working without those 2 processes allowed. I'm not going to change anything since it's working but will change it If i encounter another issue. Thanks.
  9. Thanks. I've been using EAM for 4 years & it has been extremely reliable on my PC's.
  10. Thanks for the reply. So far this morning all is well. I'll post back if it happens again & try it with the latest beta version. Thanks.
  11. Under the Emsisoft application rules I have all allowed for firefox.exe & updater.exe. But there's nothing in that folder called updated. UPDATE: I hate to type this because I'm suspicious. But as of this morning the alerts have stopped. Maybe it was a funky definition file that was causing the alerts & Emsisoft fixed it. If it happens again I will continue to post to this thread. Thanks & Happy Holidays.
  12. I've added 3 more attachment images to show the problem. On both images it's referring to a Mozilla process called updated. But the actual process is called updater. See the last screen shot from the Mozilla folder. Also I have firefox.exe & update.exe all allowed in my Emsisoft application rules. Again this is happening only on my Windows 7 Pro x64 SP1 desktop right after updating to the latest Firefox built today, 43.0.2. My Windows 10 Pro x64 is not having any issue with Firefox 43.0.2
  13. Update my Windows 10 Pro x64 laptop is not having this issue with the newly released Firefox 43.0.2. This is only affecting my Windows 7 Pro x64 desktop. turning off the behavior blocker solves this issue. But I'm hoping for a reply/fix to the problem I don't want to use EAM long term with one of my components turned off.
  14. Here's the behavior blocker's log. I just got 2 alerts while trying to post this log This is driving me insane! Also I've been using EAM for over 4 years with Firefox as my default browser & have never encountered an issue like this. Thanks. BB_151223-125614.txt
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