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  1. I had that issue with my laptop last night. Out of the blue It asked me to restart my PC. But when it did it was still using the same version. I thought maybe the beta version had gone gold.
  2. Has anyone experience a blue screen of death after updating to I updated to the latest beta version since I get the Emsisoft Antimalware has stopped working message after a scan about 50% of time. I read this version fixes that issue. But out of the blue this morning i got a blue screen of death. I have not seen one in a such a long time that first I wasn't sure was it was. Not saying this was caused by Emsisoft, but I'm just checking since I updated to .4668 yesterday. Thanks. Bill
  3. Quick question i have EAM installed on 3 computers & my license is getting ready to expire in 7 days. When i renew my 3 computer 1 year license can I upgrade to Emsisoft Internet Security instead but only install Emsisoft Internet Security on 2 computers and on my third computer install EAM only? Thanks, Bill
  4. Thanks. That's a good idea because if the beta does not work well on your end you can revert back quickly.
  5. I have a question on the beta version. The other day I enable the beta updates and it updated to After i turned off the beta update it reverted back to the latest stable version. Is this normal? Thanks.
  6. Is there a way I can renew my internet pack today and received a discount?
  7. Also if I buy EAM seperate from Online Armor over-all it will cost me more money. Online Armor Premium by itself is $39.95. I can renew my internet pack right now for $67.50 which is why I'm asking if you can provide with a discount code I can enter at checkout for the discount. Thanks again.
  8. I would like renew my internet pack right now and get at least a $14.80 discount. Is there a way we can do that? Can you provide me with some kind of discount code I can use at checkout for the Internet Pack? Thanks for the reply.
  9. Right now you guys are selling the EAM 3 pack for 1 year for $39.95. As a returning customer if want to renew my EAM 3 pack only it will cost me $54.75. And if want to renew the internet pack which is what I need to renew in 15 days it will cost me $67.50. As a returning customer I should be able to at least get another $14.80 off my renewal. Can you gus please help an existing customer. I have not worked since 8/11 and every penny counts. Thanks.
  10. Well Today i update EAM 7 to After the update I decided to run a deep scan again to see if iit still locks up my old XP PC. I set the performance back to normal, and check off to use the advance caching. This was the default setting on this PC. Well I'm happy to report that my deep scan with the newly realease version of EAM7 worked. Not only did it work once, but I ran 4 deep scans in row without rebooting in between and they all completed succesfully with no lock ups at all.
  11. My license is getting ready to expire on a PC that really doesn't get much use and i would like to unistall OAP. Can i safely do it through Windows add/remove, or should i use the uninstaller in the Online Armor directory? Thanks.
  12. Sorry I did not post yesterday, but here are my results. Yestersday I performed 2 more customs scan of my C drive with the memory optimization disabled. One succeded, and one failed. Can't give you the memory usuage because my monitor shut off automatically and since the whole PC froze it would not turn back on. I was also able to run a successful deep scan with all of the Online Armor components turned off and the GUI running. At this point I'm no longer interested in doing any more tests on this PC to resolved this issue. I'm not interested in screwing up the hard drive on this PC since I've had to do about 10-12 hard reboots in the last couple of days to unfreeze this PC. Untill a new version of EAM or OAP is released I'm going to do all my future scans on this PC with the Online Armor components turned off. When a new version of one of these products is released I will try a scan again with OAP turned on and I will update this thread with my results. Thanks for your Help, Bill
  13. I never got a chance to do another custom scan last night, just started one a few minutes ago.
  14. Ok just completed 2 more scans. My 1st scan was a custom scan of my c drive only with the memory optimization enabled. This one froze my computer. 2nd scan was a custom scan of my c drive only with the memory optimization disabled. This one was successful. I'm running one more custome scan of the c drive with the memory optimization disabled to see if it completes it again with no issues. Also I forgot to mention this but I did a scan earlier this afternoon like you had asked me with the file guard disable and that also froze my PC.
  15. After my current scan completes I will try that. But i'm pretty sure I've played with that setting before with no success.
  16. No I posted the memory usage of both read it again if you wish. Now for the update, It froze again!!!!! CPU was at 100% a2service was 8100k this time. My C drive is always included in my scans since it contain the OS. It's a mechanical drive, I have not performed a custom scan with C only. I can try try this later. it's a 80GB drive 20.9GB free space, file system is NTFS, and I'm doing a scan right now with the file guard disable. What else would you like to know?
  17. It only happens when i scan my main drive, the c drive. It never happens on the same file or folder or percentage completed. Memory usage is usually between 300-350,000K,. I posted that info in post # 13. See below. "Also one last thing when looking at the mem & CPU usage from the task manger when running scans from the command line VS regular EAM the commnad line scanner uses a lot less CPU and a little less memory. CPU usage when running a scan directly hits 100% from time to time and stays rather high. CPU usage from the coomand line never goes over 50%. Mem usage is not too direferent but still higher with the regular scan. Command line scanner memory useage is around 225-250,000k, regular scan is around 330-350,000k" And the CPU is usally at 100% and it looks like it has flat line. I'm going to try 2 deeps scan right now. First one performace set to normal no other changes. 2nd one with File Guard disable on EAM during scan. Will post back.
  18. Since I have not received any more replies is it fair to say I might be correct in saying that new new version of Online Armor is causing EAM to lock up my old PC? if it is it's not really a big deal since I was surprises that these products work at all on this old PC, and this is not a PC I use very frequent. Anyway since I was able to get my scans to complete with Online Armor completely shut down, and with the gui running and the components turned off I can't come to any other conclusion. Thanks.
  19. Just finished a deep scan again with the Online Armor components off and the GUI running. There were no issues. And earlier this evening I was able to complete a deep scan with Online Armor completely turned off succesfully. Both of these deep scans were succesfully completed with the performance setting to normal, with the Online armor components turned off (GUI Running), and one with Online Armor completely turned off. The only thing i can conclude from my tests today is that the new version of Online Armor causes EAM 7 to lock my old up Win XP Pro SP3 P4 3.20 GHZ PC, if I perform a scan with Online Armor running. I also have a newer laptop with Win 7 Pro x64 i7, with both of these software running and I don't have any issues running scan in my laptop.
  20. Just finished a deep scan with Online Armor completing turned off and it completed with no issues. I'm now trying one more deep scan with the Online Armor component all off but I left the GUI ruinning. Will post back my results.
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